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[Institute for LGBT Studies University of Arizona]
Institute for LGBT Studies University of Arizona
August 24, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

 The deadline to submit a 250 word abstract for Open Embodiments: Locating Somatechnics in Tucson (April 15-18) is rapidly approaching--please send your abstract by Friday, September 12th to:

somatechnics2015 at gmail.com<mailto:somatechnics2015 at gmail.com>

Over four days, this international conference will mark and celebrate the relocation of the Somatechnics Research Network to the University of Arizona's new Center for Critical Studies of the Body through academic presentations from internationally renowned thinkers and culture-makers, film screenings, performances, workshops and other public events. Please send your paper, panel, presentation, and workshop proposal to somatechnics2015 at gmail.com<mailto:somatechnics2015 at gmail.com> no later than September 12th.

See the Call for Proposals below for full details:


International Conference: Announcement and Call for Proposals

Open Embodiments: Locating Somatechnics in Tucson

April 15-18

University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona USA

Hosted by:

Somatechnics Research Network

University of Arizona Center for Critical Studies of the Body

University of Arizona Institute for LGBT Studies

University of Arizona Department of Gender and Women's Studies

[others to be announced]

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

Bodies are enfleshed, but not enclosed: they are open, radically so-biologically, environmentally, socially, politically, and affectively. To beopen means having the capacity for connection and curiosity, and willing to be receptive to otherness and difference. Openness is an engagement with processes of becoming, to be in anticipation of future states without predetermined ends.  To be in the open is to be exposed and vulnerable under conditions of necessity and possibility, of risk and danger.  Open is ontological, an ethical stance, an imperative: it demands of us to open borders, detention centers, and prisons, to open our eyes and our hearts, our senses and our awareness. Invitations are openings, as this one is: Let us come together and open ourselves to the embodied experience of our messy entanglements, fraught alliances and fuzzy boundaries with each other and with the Earth. And let us do it in Tucson.

Open Embodiments is an international conference marking the relocation of the Somatechnics Research Network to the University of Arizona's new Center for Critical Studies of the Body. Founded in 2005 by Nikki Sullivan and colleagues in the Department of Critical and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, the Somatechnics Research Network is an international, transdisciplinary group of more than 500 researchers interested in the "always already" technologized nature of embodiment-that is, in the sense in which embodiments cannot be distinguished from the means and methods of their making, that they are contingent, emergent, actualized, and materialized relations between some parts of a milieu and others. Somatechnics conjoins an open-ended curiosity about embodiment in our contemporary techno-nature-culture contexts with an ethics of embodied difference derived from feminist, queer, transgender, disability, and critical race methodologies, and with a political commitment to dismantling and refiguring those social technologies that maldistribute the means of life and survival according to modes of embodiment, including anthropocentric hierarchies of value.

Over four days, conference participants will have the opportunity to connect their scholarly, artistic, creative, and activist engagement with embodiment's openness to the geophysical/geospatial location of Tucson, Arizona, in the U.S./Mexico borderlands: to the surreal beauty and hazards of the Sonoran Desert, to the many vital local cultures of resistance to the militarized violence of the border and to the state's ugly and damaging race/gender/sexuality politics, as well as to the University of Arizona's historic commitment to interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the physical and life sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts. The conference will take place in numerous venues in Tucson's revitalized historic downtown as well as the nearby University of Arizona campus. In addition to breakout sessions for delivering academic papers and keynote presentations from internationally renowned thinkers and culture-makers, Open Embodiments will include film screenings, performances, workshops, and other public events.


We welcome paper, panel, presentation, and workshop proposals on these or related topics:

*Critical studies of the body/embodiment

*Environments, environmentalisms, ecologies, and embodiments

*Inhuman/nonhuman/posthuman embodiments

*Indigenous and racialized embodied knowledges

*Disability/crip theory

*Embodied Consciousness


*Critical life sciences

*Geophilosophy and philosophy of the body

*Rights- and justice-oriented activism/organizing

*Technologies of race and racism

*Technologies of sex and gender

*Transgender/queer embodiments

*Animal studies/critical studies of plant/fungal life


*Freaks and monsters/teratology

*Science and technology studies

*Feminist science and/or feminist science studies

*Biomedical technologies/transgenic life

*Robotics, AI, and Cognition

*Neo-vitalist, panpsychic, and process ontologies

*Biopolitics and necropolitics

*Bodies, technologies, and war

*Critical surveillance and security studies

*Health, illness, disease

*Life, death, survival

*Migration, immigration, migrants, borders

*Enspaced, emplaced, and located bodies

*Oases, refuge, asylum

*Embodiments of trauma/traumatized bodies

*Bodies in performance, fields of vision, and sonic environments

*Social justice practices rooted in mindfulness, spirituality, and religion

*Reproduction/Reproductive Technologies

*Embodied Practices of Cultivating Care and Openness

*Embodied Openness as Ethical Practice

*Emergent Techniques of the Body

*Religious formations of Embodiment

*Critical Legal Studies of the Body and Embodiment

*Fat Studies

Please submit an abstract/proposal of no more than 250 words for individual papers or presentations; proposals for panels or group presentations should include additional abstracts of no more than 250 words each for each presenter or presentation in the group. Please include a one-paragraph biography of each presenter. Abstracts/Proposals are due 12 September 2014. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 13 October 2014. Please address all correspondence to: somatechnics2015 at gmail.com<mailto:somatechnics2015 at gmail.com>

For more information, please visit our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/CriticalBodyStudies<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Cf94KzAQ_AGgpHb_933ERVH58FG-fTXSLK8hSSaxm2mctd_8X4x66qqUZjNBAuLQFxxfr_H9-S4hJzRqqAltSknLgX25lwJjAr0-CjYHMG4rZ0M_F-D9RtzB62uVV4pPSxTwoEYDu9b6sIJ6F9UyjCCEqetXf5RWyTnqDMVFDBh2iuqhdoJBRz8PXS0J70w5dRpZzwsY3nU=&c=SvvXIRFdl6d0qkxSSSewI8W69fqR4RVrtf64se7JF-Xq1Rxhe-3awQ==&ch=i_zRMEk4mojG6eUzsxUV0uns9Hhkbj5jG6EizQBPBI725KvWTE-ksg==>

Or the Somatechnics Research Network's temporary homepage at:


UA Institute for LGBT Studies
Institute for LGBT Studies University of Arizona

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