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QUT Creative Industries Faculty PhD Scholarships for 2015 Entry

Applicants with excellent academic track records (equal to an Australian Bachelor Degree with First Class Honours) or equivalent professional research experience may be eligible for competitive PhD scholarships to undertake study in the Creative Industries Faculty<https://www.qut.edu.au/study/courses/doctor-of-philosophy-creative-industries> (https://www.qut.edu.au/study/courses/doctor-of-philosophy-creative-industries ) at QUT. The Faculty is also offering a number of top-ups to these scholarships for highly-ranked students whose projects align with our areas of strength.

The Creative Industries Faculty's world class, industry-connected researchers undertake innovative applied and theoretical research in the media, creative arts and design, and QUT is home to some of the world's best researchers in digital media, communication and culture, given the highest possible rating of 5 in both the 2010 and 2012 ERA rankings.

QUT's Entertainment Industries Research Group (https://www.qut.edu.au/research/research-projects/entertainment-industries-research-group) is a leader in entertainment industries research, with a significant history of industry and ARC project funding.

We are seeking new PhD students to investigate topics such as:

1.     Entertainment industry dynamics

2.     How entertainment works as a cultural system, globally and in culturally-specific contexts

3.     Industry subsectors (ie music, movies, theme parks)

4.     The history of entertainment

5.     Entertainment marketing

6.     Entertainment producing and management

7.     Entertainment work

8.     Entertainment and education

Potential supervisors include:

*       Assoc Prof. Christy Collis (http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/collisc/)

*       Prof. Brian McNair (http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/mcnair/)

*       Assoc Prof Larry Neale (http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/nealel/)

*       Prof. Phil Graham (http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/grahamp/)

*       Dr. Mark Ryan (http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/ryanm2/)

*       Dr Stephen Harrington (http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/harrings/)
If you are interested in applying, please contact Christy Collis c.collis at qut.edu.au, in addition to following the processes below.

How to apply

PhD program<https://www.qut.edu.au/study/courses/doctor-of-philosophy-creative-industries> (https://www.qut.edu.au/study/courses/doctor-of-philosophy-creative-industries)

Doctor of Creative Industries program<https://www.qut.edu.au/study/courses/doctor-of-creative-industries-research> (https://www.qut.edu.au/study/courses/doctor-of-creative-industries-research)

Information on the University's Annual Scholarship Round can be found here<https://www.qut.edu.au/research/scholarships-and-funding/research-scholarships> (https://www.qut.edu.au/research/scholarships-and-funding/research-scholarships).

Closing date: 30th September 2014 (earlier enquiries strongly encouraged)

Further information about the Faculty's research can be found here<https://www.qut.edu.au/creative-industries/research>. (https://www.qut.edu.au/creative-industries/research)

Looking for a supervisor? Please view our Academic Staff profiles here<https://www.qut.edu.au/creative-industries/about/staff>.  (https://www.qut.edu.au/creative-industries/about/staff)

Any Questions?

Contact the Creative Industries Faculty HDR support team at ci.hdr at qut.edu.au or phone +617 3138 3799 or 3138 8591

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