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Critical Studies in Media Communication
Special Issue: Digital Labor, Below-the-Line
Submission deadline: January 12, 2015
Final drafts due: April 12, 2015
Publication: August 2015

The work required to produce the web and to fill the media devices that
increasingly occupy 21st century life is often difficult to see. With a
click content appears, images proliferate, and text, sound and video
streams across our screens. However, behind the screen exists a globally
distributed network of people who toil to create, manage, distribute,
promote and update digital content. Their labor reflects new modes of
and shifting divisions of labor that characterize media production in a
digital economy.

For this special issue of Critical Studies in Media Communication, issue
editor Nina
Huntemann seeks papers that explore digital media workers "behind the
Submissions should advance scholarship about invisible labor in the digital
industries, and should principally consider the labor produced by those
engaged in below-the-line work.

Cultural producers in such positions might include social media interns,
web content editors and copywriters, online community managers, video game
playtesters, 3D animation modelers and riggers, texture artists, video
loggers, and digital content asset managers. In addition to workers
involved in cultural production, this special issue also invites papers
that consider the labor of those working to create and maintain the digital
media infrastructure, such as hardware assembly line workers, miners in raw
materials extraction, technical support staff (e.g. Genius Bar/Geek Squad),
and security personnel at data centers.

The editor is particularly interested in manuscripts that consider the
special issue theme at the intersections of gender, race/ethnicity,
nation/region, sexual orientation, class, and ability.

To discuss possible submissions, please email the issue editor Nina
Huntemann at
nhuntemann at suffolk.edu.

About the Journal

Critical Studies in Media Communication (CSMC) publishes scholarship in
media and mass communication written from a Cultural Studies and critical
perspective. Research articles selected for publication make a substantial
contribution to existing literature in media studies, provide novel
theoretical insights that have the potential to stimulate further research,
and serve as foundational contributions for debates within and beyond the
field of communication. While each essay is well researched, primary
emphasis is on the theoretical contribution the essay makes through the
development of concepts, terms, and ideas that move the field in new and
exciting directions.

Submission Details

All manuscripts must conform to the Publication Manual of the American
Association (6th edition, 2010) and should not exceed 7,000 words including
notes, figures, and tables. Shorter pieces will be considered. Essays
significantly longer
than 7,000 words may be returned. All submissions should be made online at
Studies in Media Communication's ScholarOne Manuscripts site. Please see
the journal
website for the complete submission instructions for authors.

Associate Professor Tania Lewis, Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow
School of Media & Communication, RMIT University, Australia

Digital Ethnography Research Centre: www.digital-ethnography.net/
Beyond Behaviour Change: www.rmit.edu.au/ahuri/beyondbehaviour

*PhD Scholarships*
Sustainable Urban Precincts Project (see Project 1.2)

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