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Dear Colleagues,
     We would like to express our  warm thanks to all of you who responded
so overwhelmingly to our statement on ethical leadership.
 In the space of a few days, our statement  received over 500 signatures
from researchers and teachers, ranging from postgraduates to emeritus
professors from universities across Australia, the EU, North and South
America, South Asia, the Middle East and New Zealand.
The asylum statement and complete list of signatories is available here:


 We have now mailed out the statement and list of signatories as letters to
the Prime Minister and Immigration Minister.

 A link to the statement and signatories was also included in an article by
Oliver Laughland in The Guardian on  July 24. Laughland situated
our statement in the context of the Australian Human Rights Commission
report  documenting the mental health crisis unfolding on Christmas
Island. The Guardian article is available here:


 Another link was attached to the article we co-authored for The
Conversation on July 23. The article has been shared thousands
of times. You can access it here:


 Finally, our statement has been tweeted and shared on FaceBook scores of
times, and picked up on at least one community radio station.  This is in
addition to the original New Matilda story.

 We are in the process of compiling an email list  of all the signatories,
but in the meantime please do forward and post these links to your networks.

 We are very grateful to all of you for  your commitment to this urgent
issue.  We are proud of the collective stance we have made as a community
of humanities and social sciences academics.

 For any more information please contact:  S.Perera at Curtin.edu.au

 With best wishes,
Suvendi & Joseph

  Suvendrini Perera and Joseph Pugliese

*Professor Suvendrini Perera*

*School of Media, Culture & Creative Arts*

*Deputy Director, Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute*

*Curtin University, Western Australia  *

*Email: S.Perera at Curtin.edu.au <S.Perera at Curtin.edu.au>*
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