[csaa-forum] Radio Reinvented - Panel presented by MFJ, Monash University, Monday 5th May

John Tebbutt john.tebbutt at monash.edu
Fri May 2 15:34:30 CST 2014

Panel – Radio Re-invented – The Enduring Appeal of Radio
presented by The School of Media, Film and Journalism, Monash University.
Monday May 5   1-2pm @  Monash Caulfield campus Building H Room HB.39

For much of its existence, radio has been seen as vulnerable to new forms
of media. But video didn't end up killing the radio star – and in an era of
fragmented media forms and platforms, radio is continuing to thrive. This
panel presents three takes on radio’s enduring appeal:

John Tebbutt will explore the integration of radio into national cultures.
Mia Lindgren will talk on the renaissance of radio with a special focus on
the documentary form.
Miyuki Jokiranta from ABC’s Radio National will introduce the Network’s new
play-space for radio, the Creative Audio Unit.

Associate Professor Mia Lindgren is Head of MFJ. She has worked as a
broadcast journalist in Australia and internationally, and in 2012 was
seconded to ABC Radio National’s Social History and Features unit. Her most
recent publication maps the reinvention of the radio documentary genre,
‘Not Dead Yet: Emerging Trends in Radio Documentary Forms in Australia and
the US’, in Australian Journalism Review 35.2. Mia is an Associate Editor
for RadioDoc Review.

Dr John Tebbutt was recently appointed to MFJ. John recently completed an
ARC Discovery on ‘The ABC in Asia (1956-2006)’. His current Discovery
(2014-16), ‘Cultural Conversations: A History of Radio National’, in
collaboration with Macquarie University, explores how radio is integrated
into national intellectual engagements.

Ms Miyuki Jokiranta, presenter/Producer of Radio National’s Radiotonic and
Soundproof, is a radio maker, sound designer and budding gardener. She
worked as a producer for National Public Radio programs in the US,
including Radio Lab, Radio Rookies and Radio Diaries. In Australia she
continues to expand her sonic horizons as an RN sound engineer and producer
for Books and Arts Daily, and recently crystallised her thoughts in a
Poetica feature on the poetry of radio.
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