[csaa-forum] With Nature: Nature Philosophy as Poetics through Schelling, Heidegger, Benjamin and Nancy

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With Nature: Nature Philosophy as Poetics through Schelling, Heidegger, Benjamin and Nancy

by Warwick Mules

(book of the month, Intellect Books)

Warwick Mules's book With Nature: Nature Philosophy as Poetics through Schelling, Heidegger, Benjamin and Nancy (Intellect/University of Chicago Press) has now been released:

With Nature provides new ways to think about our relation with nature in today's technologically mediated culture. Warwick Mules makes original connections with German critical philosophy and French poststructuralism in order to examine the effects of technology on our interactions with the natural world. In doing so, the author proposes a new way of thinking about the eco-self in terms of a careful sharing of the world with both human and non-human beings. With Nature ultimately argues for a poetics of everyday life that affirms the place of the human-nature relation as a creative and productive site for ecologiccal self-renewal and redirection.

In With Nature, Warwick Mules makes a major contribution to re-thinking our relation with nature. In a series of nuanced readings from Schelling through Heidegger, Benjamin, Celan and Nancy, this new understanding of nature proposes a new poetics and a new technics. Mules offers an important counter to the reductive and unquestioning assumptions about humanity's oldest - and newest - relationship.
Nick Mansfield, Professor of Critical and Cultural Studies, Macquarie University.

Warwick Mules's With Nature takes up Nature in a way that is both attentive and questioning so that it emerges in terms of a meaning that genuinely belongs to it. The result is a new appreciation of the centrality of Nature to thinking and to acting - a new 'poetics' and 'physics' - as well as a retrieval of the significance of Nature in the work of a number of key philosophers from Schelling to Nancy.
Jeff Malpas, Distinguished Professor, University of Tasmania.

To write With Nature philosophically, critically and poetically, as Warwick Mules does in this book, is to set out in an exemplary fashion how the story of the human-nature relation can be revitalised by the humanities, and not remain a story of scientific objectification.
Stephen Muecke, Professor of Ethnography, University of New South Wales.

The book is available from Amazon, The Book Depository and the other usual outlets. You can also purchase it from the publishers at a 25% discount price until the end of March.


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