[csaa-forum] Deletion, Episode 3 Now available: Death, Pain and Resurrection:

Sean Redmond s.redmond at deakin.edu.au
Mon Feb 17 11:00:28 CST 2014

Dear all,

We are proud to announce that Episode 3 of Deletion, the online forum in science fiction, is now available with contributions by:

Introduction: http://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/death-pain-resurrection-episode-3/

Darrin Verhaven, Music of the Spheres<http://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/music-spheres/>

Lindsay Hallam, Philosophy in the Laboratory: Sex, Sade and Science Fiction<http://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/philosophy-laboratory-sex-sade-science-fiction/>

Rebecca Hutton Transitions, transfers and transgressions: (temporary) trans* wish-fulfilment in SF body-exchange narratives<http://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/episode-3/transitions-transfers-transgressions-temporary-trans-wish-fulfilment-sf-body-exchange-narratives/>

Jacqueline Furby,  Mad as a Hamster<http://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/mad-as-a-hamster/>

Scott Wilson, THX 1138: (Re-) Made in God's Image<http://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/thx-1138-re-made-gods-image/>

Darrin Verhagen. Shinjuku Thief - 4 Barcodes (after MPD Psycho) from Audiotion: Sonic tribute to Takashi Miike<http://www.deletionscifi.org/episodes/shinjuku-thief/>

Warm regards,

the Deletion team

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