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*Los Angeles – Part 2 – The Mediated City - Call for Papers*

Please find attached a call for papers for:

THE MEDIATED CITY – Part Two – Los Angeles

*…50 years in the global village – an examination of the modern city in the
technological age.  *

Taking as its starting point is the 50 year anniversary of Marshall
McLuhan’s Understanding Media and the idea of “the global village”, the
conference aims to bring people from diverse backgrounds together around
the issue of the modern city.

Place: Los Angeles

Dates: October 01-03, 2014

Host: Woodbury University


Keynote Presentation: Kenneth Frampton

Please pass on the call.


2014 marks the fifty-year anniversary of one of the 20th century’s most
influential texts - Understanding Media by Marshall McLuhan not only
introduced the media-as-the-message, it presented the world with the
metaphor of the global village. Half a century after the publication of
this revolutionary text, The Mediated City – Los Angeles – Conference seeks
to explore the multiple ways in which the city of today is experienced,
perceived, represented and constructed as a ‘mediated’ phenomenon.

Key dates:

15 Feb  2014           Deadline for abstracts

15 June 2014           Deadline for full papers / detailed proposals

01 Oct  2014           Conference – Los Angeles (Woodbury University)

Visit: http://architecturemps.com/los-angeles/

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