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Call for papers for a special issue of Critical Race and Whiteness Studies, edited by Brett Nicholls and Vijay Devadas
It has been a decade since Edward W. Said passed: on 25 September 2003, the world lost a leading public intellectual, cultural critic, activist, fighter, and scholar's  scholar. Said is a major figure whose work has had a tremendous impact in various disciplines and fields of study.  Rich, multilayered and finely textured, Said offers numerous concepts, tactics, and modalities of intervention that serve us well in understanding, challenging and over-turning dominant power, subject-constituting regimes, and forms of identity-politics. He teaches us what the purpose and aim of the intellectual is. In his own words,  “the intellectual … is neither a pacifier nor a consensus-builder, but someone whose whole being is staked on a critical sense, a sense of being unwilling to accept easy formulas of ready-made clichés, or the smooth, ever-so-accommodating confirmations of what the powerful or conventional have to say and what they do. Not just passively unwillingly, but actively willing to say so in public” (from Representations of the Intellectual). As Tariq Ali notes, ‘his voice is irreplaceable, but his legacy will endure. He has many lives ahead of him’.
Building upon the Said symposium held at the University of Otago during October, we are calling for papers for a special issue of the journal Critical Race and Whiteness Studies. We welcome articles that deal with any aspect of Said’s work; especially articles that seek to connect his work to contemporary contexts. Topics might include the role of the public intellectual today, the war on terror, the neoliberalization of the university, the erosion of scholarship, orientalism today, culture and imperialism today, the question of Palestine today, contemporary capitalism, Said on-line, popular culture, feminism.
Abstracts and a brief bio are due 2 December 2013. Send to brett.nicholls at otago.ac.nz<mailto:brett.nicholls at otago.ac.nz>
Invitations for articles sent to authors by 9 December 2013
Articles (3000-5000 words) due 17 February 2014

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