[csaa-forum] Book Launch: Paul Daniels 'Nietzsche and the Birth of Tragedy' - Readings in Carlton, Tues 6.30pm

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Mon Oct 14 09:04:29 CST 2013

Everyone is invited to the launch of Paul Daniels's new book

*Nietzsche and the Birth of Tragedy*
Tuesday 15 Oct, 6.30pm at Readings in Carlton.*


Publication Date: July 30, 2013 | ISBN-10: 1844652432  | ISBN-13:978-1844652433

Nietzsche's philosophy - at once revolutionary, erudite and deep - reaches
into all spheres of the arts. Well into a second century of influence, the
profundity of his ideas and the complexity of his writings still determine
Nietzsche's power to engage his readers. His first book, "The Birth of
Tragedy", presents us with a lively inquiry into the existential meaning of
Greek tragedy. We are confronted with the idea that the awful truth of our
existence can be revealed through tragic art, whereby our relationship to
the world transfigures from pessimistic despair into sublime elation and
affirmation. It is a landmark text in his oeuvre and remains an important
book both for newcomers to Nietzsche and those wishing to enrich their
appreciation of his mature writings. "Nietzsche and The Birth of Tragedy"
provides a clear account of the text and explores the philosophical,
literary and historical influences bearing upon it. Each chapter examines
part of the text, explaining the ideas presented and assessing relevant
scholarly points of interpretation. The book will be an invaluable guide to
readers in Philosophy, Literary Studies and Classics coming to "The Birth
of Tragedy" for the first time.

The book on amazon:

James Garrett.

MSCP Convenor,
Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy.
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