[csaa-forum] Call for papers: 'Authority and Knowledge' conference, University of Melbourne, February 2014

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Conference Call for Papers
Authority and Knowledge: People, Policy, Politics
An Interdisciplinary Conference, The University of Melbourne
Thursday 13th & Friday 14th February 2014
There is a fundamental relationship between authority and knowledge: the entitlement to know, to speak, and to act relies upon claims of expertise, power and experience. This conference aims to bring researchers together who are currently engaged in research concerning the nature, form and function of authority and knowledge socially, culturally, politically, and institutionally. We welcome papers that address the multifaceted ways in which claims to authority and knowledge permeate everyday social life, political understandings and practices, and policy reform (people, policy, politics).
Please follow this link to view the full call for papers, and to submit an abstract before the closing date,  *November 30, 2013: *http://authorityandknowledge.wordpress.com 

Dr Jessica Gerrard
McKenzie Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Level 7, 100 Leicester Street
University of Melbourne
Melbourne 3010

(03) 9035 7696
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