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Michael Richardson M.Richardson at uws.edu.au
Wed Oct 9 11:58:54 CST 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Please join us for the launch of Traumatic Affect, an international volume that explores the nexus of trauma and affect, offering timely and necessary critiques of film, literature, art, culture and politics. The publication  will be by launched by Associate Professor Katrina Schlunke, UTS.

Featuring essays by Shoshana Felman, Karyn Ball, Jennifer L. Biddle Anna Gibbs, Ben O’Loughlin, Anne Rutherford, Magdalena Zolkos, Aaron Kerner, Ricardo Mbarkho, Jonathan L. Knapp, Michael Richardson and Meera Atkinson, Traumatic Affect ventures into bold new territories at the juncture between trauma and affect.

Launch Details

Mon, October 21st
6pm for 6.30 @
Sappho Books and Cafe, and Wine Bar
51 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney

RSVP:  meeraatkinson at yahoo.com<mailto:eraatkinson at yahoo.com> (by Friday 18 October)

A limited number of books will be on sale for $60.00 at a special discount, but purchase is cash only so please come prepared if you plan to buy.

About the Book

This collection of essays by established and emerging thinkers considers the dynamic relations within and between affect and trauma. Diverse in style and approach, this volume asks how the relational subject conceived by affect theory might bring into question certain presuppositions common to trauma theory and how the ethical imperatives of trauma might require a rethinking of aspects of affect theory. Thus the contributors reimagine the unrepresentability of trauma, reveal affective economies of trauma, and chart innovative understandings of experiences, embodiments, and events. From the silence into which Walter Benjamin fell after the suicide of his closest friend to the trauma of becoming the emblematic media figure of the London bombings, Traumatic Affect traverses varied terrain: gesture and the everyday, cinema and torture, art and writing, civility and specters, media representation and Indigenous film.

If you are unable to attend you can order a copy at 20% discount at: www.cambridgescholars.com<http://www.cambridgescholars.com>
Login: traumatic Password: traumatic20%

With regards,
Meera Atkinson and Michael Richardson
Writing & Society Research Centre
University of Western Sydney
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