[csaa-forum] ASCP Annual Conference 2013 - Call for panel papers on the philosophy of the screen

Elizabeth Stephens e.stephens at uq.edu.au
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Dear Colleagues,

Further to the extension of the deadline for this year's ASCP conference, I wonder if any of you are interested in participating in a panel on the philosophy of the screen/screen studies?

I am particularly interested in thinking about the relationship between the cinematic screen, the pre-cinematic screen (such as C19th panaoramas and dioramas) and the C21st multimedia screen. The aim of the panel would be to consider the different ways in which the screen functions as an interface in the light of both recent scholarship and technological developments in this area.

I realise that those of you interested in attending this conference may not be as tardy as I am!  But if you are interested, please respond to my email address below.


Elizabeth Stephens
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Subject: [csaa-forum] ASCP Annual Conference 2013 - Submission deadline extended (Final call for abstracts).

Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy 2013<www.uws.edu.au/ascp2013> - University of Western Sydney, 3-5 December 2013

The deadline for submissions of abstracts, thematic panel proposals, and book panel proposals to be considered for the 2013 ASCP annual conference has been extended. The new deadline is Friday, September 13. Submissions are accepted on-line only at www.uws.edu.au/ascp2013<http://www.uws.edu.au/ascp2013>. Confirmation of selection will be forwarded approximately within 2 weeks of this date.

The conference will be held at UWS Parramatta Campus from December 3 to December 5, and will be followed by an International Symposium on Hegel and Heidegger<http://www.uws.edu.au/philosophy/philosophy@uws/events/sponsored_conferences/ascp_2013_conference/hegel_and_heidegger_international_symposium> on December 6.

The Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy aims to provide a broad intellectual forum for professional academics and postgraduates researching topics in Contemporary European philosophy, and it is the premier reference point for people working within the diverse fields of Continental/European Philosophy in the Australasian region.

Keynote addresses by:
Graham Harman
James Martel
Elizabeth Rottenberg
Gianni Vattimo
and a plenary panel on the work of Rosalyn Diprose

We invite proposals for papers for the ASCP annual conference, which will be held at the University of Western Sydney in December 2013. We encourage papers in the broadly-defined field of Continental Philosophy, including but not limited to German Idealism, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Hermeneutics, Critical Theory, Postmodernism, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, Philosophy and Film, and the relationship between Continental Philosophy and other philosophical approaches. We especially welcome papers from postgraduate students.

Presenters may select either a 30-minute or a 45-minute slot (20-minute presentation plus 10-minute discussion, or 35-minute presentation plus 10-minute discussion).

Abstracts should be less than 200 words and should be submitted through the Abstract Submission System<http://www.uws.edu.au/ascp2013/submission> at: http://www.uws.edu.au/ascp2013/submission.

For further information, please emailascp2013 at uws.edu.au<mailto:ascp2013 at uws.edu.au>.

We invite proposals for thematic and book panels for the ASCP annual conference (2013).

Proposals for thematic panels should include two or three proposed speakers, and, if possible, a chair and/or a respondent. We will consider a number of panels to form a stream.

Proposals for book panels are also welcome. Proposals should be for books published within the last two years in the area of Continental Philosophy and should include at least the author, one commentator and, if possible, a chair.

To submit a proposal for a thematic or book panel, please email ascp2013 at uws.edu.au<mailto:ascp2013 at uws.edu.au>. The deadline for the submission of panel proposals is Friday 30 August 2013.

Please note that even if your paper is part of a panel, you still need to submit your paper through the Abstract Submission System<http://www.uws.edu.au/ascp2013/submission> (www.uws.edu.au/ascp2013/submission<http://www.uws.edu.au/ascp2013/submission>), indicating the panel title in the relevant field.

Registrations to the Conference are now open. For information about registration, please visit http://www.uws.edu.au/philosophy/philosophy@uws/events/sponsored_conferences/ascp_2013_conference/registration. To register for the 2013 Australasian Society of Continental Philosophy Annual Conference please visit the ASCP website and fill out the 2013 ASCP Online Registration Form<http://ascp.org.au/component/dtregister/?Itemid=121&eventId=3&controller=event&task=individualRegister>.

The Conference Organising Committee
Diego Bubbio (Chair), Paul Alberts, Charles Barbour, Alex Ling, Dimitris Vardoulakis, Mariana Fragueiro (Project officer)
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