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Mon Jun 3 13:43:08 CST 2013

Please forward the following information to interested students and

A reminder that the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy will be
hosting a Heidegger workshop at the University of Melbourne on Sunday, June
23.  The workshop is free and open to all, no registration is required.

For full details: http://www.mscp.org.au

Also: the MSCP Winter School will be running for 5 weeks through June and
July, featuring 8 short courses. Distance Enrolment is also available.

*Spinoza: Passion, Politics and the Power of Reason*
Lecturer: Bryan Cooke

*Several Matters of Life and Death: The Crux between Classical and Modern
Philosophy (Happiness, Death, Nobility, Science, and Poetry)*
Lecturer: Dr Martin Black

*Later Heidegger*
Lecturer: Prof Mark Wrathall

*Introduction to Abstract Market Theory*
Lecturer: Dr Jon Roffe

*What do we know? Aristotle and Bacon on the Nature of Knowing*
Lecturer: Dr Matthew Sharpe

*Philosophies of Cinematic Presence*
Lecturer: Daniel Fairfax

*Anarchist Views on the Nation-State*
Lecturer: Dr Sagar Sanyal

*An Introduction to Philosophical Hermeneutics*
Lecturer: Dr Mammad Aidani
For full details: http://www.mscp.org.au
James Garrett

MSCP Convenor,
Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy.
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