[csaa-forum] Parrhesia 16 now available - Featuring L. Garagalza, T. Garcia, G. Harman, Q. Meillassoux

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Thu May 23 08:21:54 CST 2013

The editors of *Parrhesia* are pleased to announce the availability of
Issue 16 now at www.parrhesiajournal.org


*In the Footsteps of Hermes: The Meaning of Hermeneutics and Symbolism*
Luis Garagalza, translated by Michael Marder
*Crossing Ways of Thinking: On Graham Harman's System and My Own*
Tristan Garcia, translated by Mark Allan Ohm Tristan

*Garcia and the Thing-in-Itself *
Graham Harman
*Badiou and Mallarmé: The Event and the Perhaps*
Quentin Meillassoux


*Desire, Absence and Art in Deleuze and Lyotard*
Kiff Bamford

*Nancy, Violence and the World*
Marie-Eve Morin


*"Capitalism's Californian Revolution": Yann Moulier Boutang, *Cognitive
James Burton
*"Declares by the Void ...": Bruno Bosteels, *Badiou and Politics*, and AJ
Bartlett, *Badiou and Plato: An Education by Truths
Bryan Cooke

*François Laruelle, *Théorie générale des victimes
Alexander Galloway
*Hasana Sharp, *Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalisation
Dave Mesing
*Parrhesia* is an open-access journal, and a member of the Open Humanities
Press (www.openhumanitiespress.org)


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