[csaa-forum] Media at Sydney seminar + book launch: Steven Maras - 'Objectivity in Journalism'

Madeleine King mkin5545 at uni.sydney.edu.au
Mon Apr 15 11:59:34 CST 2013

Media at Sydney presents

Objectivity in Journalism - by Steven Maras
Book launch and seminar
Launch by Peter Fray, Adjunct Professor in Media and Communications and the Institute of Democracy and Human Rights, University of Sydney

Objectivity in journalism is a key topic for debate in media, communication and journalism studies, and has been the subject of intensive historical and sociological research. In the first study of its kind, Steven Maras surveys the different viewpoints and perspectives on objectivity. Going beyond a denunciation or defence of journalistic objectivity, Maras critically examines the different scholarly and professional arguments made in the area. Structured around key questions, the book considers the origins and history of objectivity, its philosophical influences, the main objections and defences, and questions of values, politics and ethics. This book examines debates around objectivity as a transnational norm, focusing on the emergence of objectivity in the US, while broadening out discussion to include developments around objectivity in the UK, Australia, Asia and other regions.

Seminar details
Date: Monday April 22nd at 4:30pm followed by a launch at 5:10 pm
Location: Woolley Common Room
RSVPs advised by April 19th to Madeleine King maddyking22 at gmail.com<mailto:maddyking22 at gmail.com>
Please see attached flyer for more details
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