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Cultural Typhoon Melbourne Seminar Series #2

"I am not an Asianist but..."
On entangled interactions of "here" and "there""

Time & Date: 19:00-21:00, 11 April 2013
Place: Old Arts 156, University of Melbourne.


Cultural Typhoon Melbourne is a group of Melbourne-based (but not exclusive of those based outside Melbourne) scholars, students and activists, interested in exploring media and cultural studies in Asian contexts. In solidarity with the Association for Cultural Typhoon based in Japan, Cultural Typhoon Melbourne will hold monthly seminars intended to create a space for the free and vigorous exchange of ideas and intellectual discussion based on an equal relationship among individuals. All are welcome to attend and participate.

The second gathering will feature two speakers, Jinna Tay (Monash University) and Chris Healy (Melbourne University), who will continue the discussions begun at our first meeting and share with participants their research projects, concerns, predicaments, and plans for collaboration, focusing on the issues of entrapped relations of "here" and "there". Jinna will talk about these issues under the title: 'One Foot here, One Foot there: notes on trans-national entanglements'. Having worked on 'Asian' research projects from Australia for more than a decade, Jinna will consider how connections made through living and working here and there have shaped her intellectual projects. Having worked on 'Asian' research projects from Australia for more than a decade, Jinna will explore consider how the variety of relationships connections made through living and working here and there instigates ways of looking and asking more questions. between her on-going emotional connections with 'home', here and elsewhere. Chris will talk under the title, "I am not an Asianist but ... no, I really am not an Asianist in any shape or form."  He will consider what, if anything, a person with no research expertise in relation to 'Asia' might contribute to thinking about cultural studies in Asian contexts from Australia. We invite you to join with us in attending afresh to long-standing questions of researchers' positionalities, approaches to transnational ethno-cultural movements/connections, the de-Westernization of knowledge production, and cross-border collaboration.

Dr Fran Martin
Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies
School of Culture and Communication
University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010

+613 8344 5486

f.martin at unimelb.edu.au

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