[csaa-forum] Special Issue of The journal Latin American Perspectives: Political Documentary Film and Video in the Southern Cone

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Political Documentary in the Southern Cone

The journal Latin American Perspectives has published its January 2013 special issue: Political Documentary Film and Video in the Southern Cone (1950s-2000s), co-edited by Antonio Traverso of Curtin University, Perth. 

Documentary cinema in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay has shown comparable degrees of vibrancy and sophistication since the 1950s, as well as a shared desire to be a key witness to unfolding political events and a protagonist in national and regional processes of social justice. As a result, Southern Cone political documentary cinema today constitutes a substantial body of work that possesses great potential as a source for understanding social change histories in Latin America. This collection of essays looks closely at the strategies utilized by Argentine, Chilean, and Uruguayan political filmmakers to document and participate in social change events, as well as to imagine and reflect upon the past and the future of these three South American nations. 

This is the first publication to focus solely on the social and political documentary cinema of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, and one that will contribute greatly to the emergent field of Latin American documentary cinema studies in English. See the special issue's contents at:  http://lap.sagepub.com/content/by/year.

Antonio Traverso
Curtin University
a.traverso at curtin.edu.au
Tel: 08-92667134

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