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Hi all
Please find details for CFP for *Animus – Inter-American Journal of
Mediatic Communication.*
Note abstracts due October 31st, 2012. *Animus *accepts papers written in
English, Spanish or Portuguese.

*Call for Papers: ‘Media and Consumption’, *special issue of *Animus*,
volume 11, Issue 22, 2012

* *

*Guest editor: *Sandra Rubia Silva* *(Federal University of Santa Maria,

*Editor-in-chief: *Ada Cristina Machado da Silveira (Federal University of
Santa Maria, Brazil)

*Managing editor: *Claudia Regina Zillioto Bomfá (Federal University of
Santa Maria, Brazil)

* *

*Animus – Inter-American Journal of Mediatic Communication *(
http://cascavel.ufsm.br/revistas/ojs-2.2.2/index.php/animus, Portuguese
only), the scientific journal of the Graduate Program in Communication at
the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil, seeks articles for a special
issue on media and consumption, focusing on – but not exclusively -
research carried out in the Global South, to be published in December 2012.

This special issue seeks culturally informed critiques of different forms
of media consumption. Contributions grounded in empirical research
(especially qualitative) are particularly welcome. We are especially
interested in papers that analyze the diverse genres of cultural
consumption as influenced by the media.

Essays that reveal earlier precedents for this phenomenon, or works that
reveal how theories developed in the past should be re-evaluated in the
light of the dynamics of media consumption in the Global South are also

The following list indicates, but is not limited to the range of potential

·        The role of media consumption in its intersection with
contemporary consumer culture;

·        Genres of media consumption such as magazines, television, and
information and communication technologies;

·        Media consumption and the construction of identities.

The editors kindly request authors to send papers (30,000 – 50,000
characters in length) together with an abstract of no more than 150 words
and three keywords, to the following address: sandraxrubia at gmail.com, with
a copy to reivstaanimus at ufsm.br, until October 31st, 2012. *Animus *accepts
papers written in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Authors will be notified
by e-mail. Any queries should be directed to the guest editor, Sandra Rubia
Silva at sandraxrubia at gmail.com

*General guidelines to authors*

The work submitted must be original and should not be under parallel
evaluation by other journals.

Animus accepts papers written in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

Articles should be between 30 and 50 thousand characters, including spaces.

All information that may identify the author should be removed for blind
refereeing purposes. All texts must be accompanied by a separate page
containing the following information: a) title and subtitle (if any), b)
identification of the authors (full name, mini-biography including training
and institutional affiliation), c) authors’ contact information (email
address and phone number).

The texts referred for evaluation must be written in Times New Roman, font
size 12, 1.5 line spacing. Quotations of more than three lines should be
indented  (4 cm from margin), single spacing and font 11, without the use
of inverted commas. For quotations within the text please make sure to use
double inverted commas on all occasions, except for a quotation within a
quotation which should be placed within single inverted commas.

 Footnotes should be kept at minimum and be formatted in Times New Roman,
single spaced, font size 10. Citations should follow the author-date model
(AUTHOR, YEAR, page as in BURKE, 1999, p. 74) and references should, as far
as possible, follow the guidelines of the Brazilian Association of
Technical Standards (ABNT) as generally stated below:

*Book, single author*

AGAR, Jon. *Constant Touch:* a global history of the mobile
phone. Cambridge: Icon Books, 2003.

*Book, multiple authors*

BOLTER, Jay; GRUSIN, Richard. *Remediation. *Understanding New Media.*
MIT Press, 1999.

*Edited Volume*

FORTUNATI; Leopoldina; VINCENT, Jane (Eds). *Electronic Emotion: *the
mediation of emotion via information and communication
technologies. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2009.

*Book chapter*

BARENDREGT, Bart; PERTIERRA, Raul. Supernatural mobile communication in the
Phillipines and Indonesia. In: KATZ, James E. (Ed). *Handbook
of Mobile Communication Studies.* Cambridge: MIT Press, 2008, 377-388.

*Journal article*, *single author*

POLLAK, Michael. Memória, esquecimento, silêncio. *Estudos Históricos,* Rio
de Janeiro, v. 2, n. 3, p. 3-15, Jan.1989.

*Journal article, multiple authors*

ELIAS, Henry; HENNING, Albert; SCHWARTZ, David. Sterology: aplications to
biomedical research. *Physiology Review*, Bethesda, v.51, n.1, p.158-200,
Jan. 1971.


MOSES, Alfred. Friendster relocates to Australia. *Sydney Morning Herald**,
*03 fev. 2009. Available at: <
>. Access: 05 mar. 2010.
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