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Confirmed Speakers: Associate Professor Barbara Bolt (University of Melbourne), Dr. Brad Pettitt (Mayor of the City of Fremantle) and Brodie McCulloch (Managing Director of SiiWA, Social Innovation in Western Australia)

>From the Queensland floods, Christchurch earthquake and Global Financial Crisis to social conflicts, psychological breaking points and relationship failures, catastrophe occurs at diverse scales. The word catastrophe derives from the Greek katastrophe, ‘an overturning; a sudden end’, but has been associated with disaster only since the 1700s. In its original sense, catastrophe simply connoted ‘a reversal of what is expected’, specifically a defining turn in a drama. The 2012 CREATEC Symposium 'Catastrophe & Creativity' will address human response to catastrophe in its myriad manifestations and hues: geographical, economic and ecological as well as emotional, existential and interpersonal. In particular, the Symposium will highlight the connections between catastrophe and creativity, including the forward-thinking responses of artists, writers, theorists and scientists to crises of different kinds and scales. The Symposium organisers invite participants to consider the theme of catastrophe broadly: from natural disasters to psychological reversals, from debilitating personal meltdowns to regenerative ecological solutions. Creative papers, including performances, readings or exhibitions, are especially welcome.

Areas for consideration include background papers and creative responses to:

    representations of catastrophes in dance, drama, visual art, music, film and literature;
    floods, fires, tsunamis and earthquakes;
    ecological and health-related catastrophes;
    psychological, emotional, ontological and interpersonal catastrophes;
    catastrophe as an impetus for (or intrinsic to) creativity;
    responding to ‘reversals of what is expected’ as a researcher;
    catastrophe in the media; and
    ethics and creative research

The Symposium will include an exhibition of visual art on the theme.

Please direct all enquiries and paper abstracts to createc.conferences at ecu.edu.au. For creative presentations, please also specify your requirements.

The deadline for submission of abstracts (200-250 words) is Friday 21 September 2012.

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Today's Topics:

   1. Reclaiming evaluation as a critical practice: the powers at
      play between art, community, and government (Marnie Badham)


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From: Marnie Badham <marniebadham at gmail.com>
Subject: [csaa-forum] Reclaiming evaluation as a critical practice:
        the powers at play between art, community, and government
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*Reclaiming evaluation as a critical practice: ***

the powers at play between art, community, and government

* *

*Who: *Dr. Sophie Hope visits us from University of London, UK

*When: *Tuesday, September 18, 7 ? 9pm* *

*Where:* RM C216, Music Building, 234 St Kilda Road (watch for signs)

*Presented by:* Centre for Cultural Partnerships, University of Melbourne

*RSVP: *for a seat, drinks to follow http://www.trybooking.com/BXCI

* *

*[image: Inline images 1]

* *

image:* Sophie Hope ?Performative Interviews? (still) (2009-10).***

This screening and discussion, led visiting practitioner researcher from
Birbeck, University of London, *Dr.* *Sophie Hope,* introduces a partial
history of socially-engaged art and cultural policy in the UK, with
examples of two projects: *Performative Interviews* and *Critical Friends*,
which explore critical approaches to participation and cultural
democracy. This critical discussion is introduced by *Dr. Marnie Badham*,
artist researcher at the Centre for Cultural Partnerships, University of
Melbourne who will provide Australian and Canadian contexts to practice and

*This event will be of interest for artists, policy makers, community
members, and arts organizations. Join us for a glass of wine and lively

*Dr. Sophie Hope?s* practice-based research focuses on the relationships
between art and society. She has worked as an independent curator (as one
half of the curatorial partnership B+B), a writer and evaluator of public
and socially engaged art and is a lecturer in arts management in the Media
and Cultural Studies Department at Birkbeck, University of London.
Sophie has developed a number of practical projects through which to
research cultural policy, labour conditions and community art histories in
the UK. These include a three-year participant-led investigation into
socially engaged art ('Critical Friends' 2008-2011) and a large-scale
community performance in a Dutch new town ('Het Reservaat' 2007).  Her PhD
(completed in 2011), entitled: 'Participating in the Wrong Way? Practice
Based Research into Cultural Democracy and the Commissioning of Art
to Effect Change' explored the limits and possibilities of criticality in
the context of an artists' contract.  www.sophiehope.org.uk


*D**r. Marnie Badham* is an artist researcher in Canada and Australia. Her
current work examines the relationship between aesthetics and the ethics of
engagement in socially-engaged art. Her community-based research uses
democratized, dialogic and embedded approaches to evaluation. Creatively
exploring representational practice (such as policy, metrics and art) with
communities in the margins, Marnie?s recent collaborations are located in
prison, housing estates, remote places, health centres, and on the street.

This event is presented as a part of the 3 year ARC funded linkage research
project: *?Towards an integrated approach to evaluating community-based arts
*? in partnership with Australia Council for the Arts and RMIT University. For
more information, please call Marnie at 0448590948 or
m.badham at unimelb.edu.au. www.vca.unimelb.edu.au/ccp/research/arc

***Marnie Badham, PhD, artist researcher**
"Towards an integrated evaluation framework for community-based arts"
Australia Research Council linkage grant
Centre for Cultural Partnerships, http://vcam.unimelb.edu.au/ccp
The University of Melbourne, 234 St Kilda Road, Southbank, VIC, Australia,
[office] 90359782 [mob] 0448590948 [skype] marniebadham
**There is a crack in everything... that's how the light gets in*. (L.
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