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Dear colleagues,

My colleague, Robert Payne (American University of Paris, France),and I have co-edited a special issue of Sexualities focused on Citizenship and queer critique, which may be of interest. I have included the contents below, which also lists some additional articles in the volume.

Cristyn Davies


Robert Payne and Cristyn Davies
Introduction to the special section: Citizenship and queer critique

Kerry H Robinson
‘Difficult citizenship’: The precarious relationships between childhood, sexuality and access to knowledge

Cristyn Davies
‘It’s not at all chic to be denied your civil rights’: Performing sexual citizenship in Holly Hughes’s Preaching to the Perverted

Margaret Hamilton
‘Citizens of fate’: Blood, disease and the question of mortality in Sadness by William Yang

Kellie Burns
Cosmopolitan sexual citizenship and the project of queer world making at the Sydney 2002 Gay Games

Judith Halberstam
Global female masculinities

Anita Brady
The transgendered Kiwi: Homosocial desire and ‘New Zealand identity’

Heather Tapley
Mapping the hobosexual: A queer materialism

On pornography

Georgina Voss
‘Treating it as a normal business’: Researching the pornography industry

Heung-wah Wong and Hoi-yan Yau
The ‘real core’: The taste of Taiwanese men for Japanese adult videos

David Mellor
The Doing It Debate: Sexual pedagogy and the disciplining of the    child/adult boundary
Louisa Allen
Pleasure’s perils? Critically reflecting on pleasure’s inclusion in sexuality education

Michael Gill
Sex can wait, masturbate: The politics of masturbation training
Amir Hodžić, Joan Budesa, Aleksandar Štulhofer, and Janice Irvine
The politics of youth sexuality: Civil society and school-based sex education in Croatia
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