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Dr Wendy Haslem
Screen Studies & Cultural Management
School of Culture & Communication, The University of Melbourne.
Room 313, John Medley Building.                        P: + 613 8344 3409

W: http://www.culture-communication.unimelb.edu.au/about/people/academic/wendy-haslem
The Moving Image (Arts & Cultural Management): http://graduate.arts.unimelb.edu.au/cm/ma-cultural-management-moving-image.html
Book Reviews Editor – Senses of Cinema: http://www.sensesofcinema.com/issue/book-reviews/


Call for papers…

The Refractory http://refractory.unimelb.edu.au/ <http://refractory.unimelb.edu.au/>
Special Issue on Digital Cartography: Screening Spaces

First impressions of spaces are increasingly virtual. Online maps, navigational tools, virtual tours, film and games invite exploration prior to, or even in place of an embodied experience of spaces. Portable screens and interactive locative media are transforming how we discover, perceive, understand and experience space. To coincide with the implementation of innovative approaches to mapping the dynamics of space [for example: The Australian Centre for the Moving Image’s 15 Second Place (http://15secondplace.acmi.net.au/ <http://15secondplace.acmi.net.au/> ) project, the Museum of Old and New Art’s O (http://mona.net.au/theo/ <http://mona.net.au/theo/> ), The Refractory is creating an edition that explores the digital transformation of space. The journal invites articles that explore how digital cultures transform the ways that space is imagined, designed, mapped and experienced.

This issue invites proposals related to:
·      Cartography, mapping cinematic space
·      Digital cultures and the transformation of spatial dynamics
·      Filming, sharing, screening spaces – cultural, political, social and/or historical aspects
·      Viral Cultures – Flash mobs, Guerrilla films,
·      New technologies for imagining, designing and mapping spaces
·      Pro-sumerism, DIY video, video ‘chain letters’
·      New Media – Apps and Online Content
·      Public Screens, Public Art
·      Memory and space
·      Film History and New Media,
·      Media Archaeologies
·      New spaces, new modes of spectatorship
·      The expansion of cinema into gallery spaces
·      Multimedia in Screen Education
·      Open Source Software in Film/Media Studies
·      Privacy and Censorship
·      The impact of the Digital on more traditional forms of Production, Distribution and Exhibition
·      Gaming and play, game spaces/worlds
·      The body: sensuous engagement with screen spaces

In line with The Refractory’s policy – we encourage articles that use the potential of hypertext creatively. Articles can include still and moving images, sound, illustration, links and references to online sources. They could also include interactive maps and virtual tours.

Refereed articles – 3000 - 7000 words in length

·      Deadline for articles: July 30th

·      Publication date – October, 2012.

Please send queries, proposals and articles to Athena Bellas [athena.bellas at unimelb.edu.au] and Wendy Haslem [wlhaslem at unimelb.edu.au].

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