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Abstracts due: 28 May 2012

sounds: Musical Flow
International Association for the Study of Popular Music 
Australia & New Zealand Branch
IASPM-ANZ Annual Conference
University of
Tasmania, Hobart
5-7 December 2012
Call For Papers
We are delighted to
announce the call for papers for the 2012 annual conference of IASPM-ANZ. This
year, the conference will be organized by Dr Michelle Phillipov, and held at the
University of Tasmania. We are pleased to stage our annual event in Hobart in
keeping with the rotating conference schedule of Australia and New Zealand
for paper presentations are now invited from researchers with an interest in
popular music, regardless of disciplinary orientation. All papers detailing new
and established research in the field will be considered, though preference may
be given to papers that demonstrate clear engagement with the stated conference
theme. Papers with a theoretical orientation are particularly encouraged, as
are submissions from postgraduate students.
Conference Title
The concept of ‘flow’ is essential for understanding the fluidity, flux and
diffusion of contemporary media and culture. Flow reveals the complexities of contemporary cultural production,
consumption and participation. It also illuminates the ways in which ideas,
information, culture and technology are exchanged and imbued with meaning and
The concept of flow has been influential in the work of
Appadurai (1990) and Castells (1996), and in more recent writing on media and
convergence cultures. Questions of musical flow, however, remain an under-explored area. This conference invites papers
that consider the role of music in the facilitation and disruption of media and
cultural flow. In doing so, it considers
music as something that moves between, and within, different spaces, places,
texts, communities and technologies.
In particular, we seek
papers addressing:
1.     the flowof
popular music within and across different digital and textual platforms,
 including film, television, journalism,
and social media;
2.     the flow of popular music between different cultures and cultural
 such as the local, national,
transnational and global;
3.     the flow/s of popular music studies, 
its history and current practices within the academy, as well as its
disciplinary, theoretical and methodological futures;
4.     the flow of popular music studies outside
of the academy,
in policy, journalism, and popular understandings of ‘music’;
5.     the
construction and disruption of musical flow, 
in musical composition, performance and other artistic arenas.
We also welcome abstracts considering any other
area of popular music. 
Abstract Submission
Abstracts should be
submitted as an email attachment (Word document, 12pt Times New Roman font) to abstracts at iaspm.org.au, by  28
May 2012. Please use your surname
as the document title, as in Brunt.docx. Delegates requiring an
extension of this deadline should indicate this in an email to the above
address. The abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Organising Committee,
and successful applicants advised promptly by email. 
Please include in this
·       Name of author(s) (as you
would like it to appear in the programme)
·       Institution or affiliation
·       Contact phone numbers,
including international codes
·       Email
·       Title of paper
·       Abstract (250-300 words)
·       The theme number(s), as
described above, which align with your paper
·       5 keywords for your paper
(for programming purposes)
·      Consideration for 2012
IASPM-ANZ postgraduate prize? (Yes/No) 
*NOTE: Past winners are ineligible for future prizes.

Registration and Membership
Information on
registration, accommodation and additional activities will be posted on the
IASPM-ANZ website following the abstract review process. All presenters are
required to be financial members of IASPM. Membership information can be found
at the IASPM-ANZ webpage: www.iaspm.org.au,
and will also be provided at the time of conference registration. For further
membership information, please contact IASPM-ANZ Treasurer Penny Spiro treasurer at iaspm.org.au.
Conference Proceedings
IASPM-ANZ endeavours to
publish a peer-reviewed proceedings for each annual conference. This year, we
encourage the submission of papers that are in keeping with the theme, with the
view to have a cohesive collection. All papers will undergo rigorous review in
order to produce a quality publication. Submissions must follow the stylistic
conventions for Harvard, and observe
a maximum 4,000-word limit (including List of References).
More information about the submission
process will be provided in due course.  
Postgraduate Prize
Each year, IASPM-ANZ awards
one postgraduate presenter with the IASPM-ANZ Postgraduate Prize for the best
paper. The $250 AUD prize is determined by a panel of established IASPM members.
Please indicate your interest in applying when you submit your abstract.
To be considered for this prize, you must be currently enrolled as a postgraduate
student, and be a financial member. Past winners are ineligible for future
For queries regarding the
conference please contact the conference convener in the first instance, or the
Dr Michelle Phillipov                      
University of
Tasmania                                    michelle.phillipov at utas.edu.au       

Chair, Dr Shelley Brunt
shelley.brunt at rmit.edu.au 
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