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The Writing & Society Research Centre and the Philosophy Research Initiative at UWS presents following seminar on Wednesday May 16:

SPEAKER: Robyn Ferrell
School of Humanities and Communication Arts
University of Western Sydney

TITLE: Sacred Exchanges

TIME: May 02, 2-4pm

PLACE: UWS Bankstown Campus, 3.G.55

ABSTRACT: As the international art market globalizes the indigenous image, it changes its identity, status, value, and purpose in local and larger contexts. Focusing on a school of Australian Aboriginal painting that has become popular in the contemporary art world,  Sacred Exchanges traces the influence of cultural exchanges on art, the self, and attitudes toward the other.
The photo-essay I present in this session is a companion piece to the book, tracing a line of associations that I used as part of the method of writing. It highlights ficto-critical material that was treated more academically in the book. It explores, through my own photos taken as research aids, some of the affects and effects of images that directed my discussion on the relation between art, culture, gender and law.

BIO: Assoc. Prof. Robyn Ferrell is is a research fellow in the Gender and Cultural Studies Department at the University of Sydney and has taught at the University of Melbourne, Macquarie University, and the University of Tasmania. She has also held visiting research positions at the London School of Economics and the University of Western Sydney and is the author of Copula: Sexual Technologies, Reproductive Powers, Genres of Philosophy and Passion in Theory: Conceptions of Freud and Lacan.

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