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Andrea Baker andrea.baker at monash.edu
Tue Apr 10 11:41:36 CST 2012

 Hi all,

My monograph: *Virtual Radio Ga Ga (Youths & Net-Radio)* is NOW available
for purchase from *Hampton Press (New York),* -

*And via Amazon *


*Soft cover- $35 (US)*

*Hard Cover -$85 (US) *

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*Virtual Radio Ga Ga (Youths & Net-Radio)** (Andrea Baker): *This book is
the first comprehensive study of the radio and music industries in the
internet age. It case studies major cultural music cities such as Melbourne
and New York City who are at the forefront of new and cutting-edge
technology initiatives associated with radio and music. Primarily based on
a transnational study of college students’ net-radio consumption practices,
*Virtual Radio Ga Ga *uncovers two types of audiences (radio online or
net-only radio audiences) and a three-tiered net-radio subculture
(conservatives, swingers, and radicals), which is determined by users’
taste distinctions and how much power they have over their net-radio
consumption and production practices. It contends that net-radio; its
synergy with radio and music journalism and youth subcultures is not a
trivial flash in the pan, but an important and ongoing social-cultural and
global phenomenon. In doing so the book contributes to cultural studies
research on the Internet.

*Dr Andréa Jean Baker*, Lecturer in Journalism

Monash University, Faculty of Arts

School of Journalism, Australian and Indigenous Studies (JAIS)

Caulfield campus, Building B. Level 4. Room: 23
Caulfield East, Melbourne, VIC. 3145,Australia

Tele: +61 3 9903 2648    Mobile: +61 407802086

My book: Virtual Radio Ga Ga is now available for purchase with Hampton
Press (NY), - see link below.

*Virtual Radio Ga Ga, Youths and Net-Radio**, (New York: Hampton Press),

“The most substantive and valuable history of net-radio to date, *Virtual
Radio Ga Ga* offers a snapshot of this particular moment of radio’s
reinvention of itself that will be of tremendous historical value in
decades to come” *(Assistant Professor, Martin Spinelli, Department of
Radio and Television, City University of New York’s Brooklyn Campus, New
York City, USA).*

"*Virtual Radio Ga Ga*, a very readable examination of modern media habits,
combines academic analysis with an understanding that comes from practical
broadcasting experience"*(Steve Ahern, former Head of Radio, Australian
Film, Television and Radio School,(AFTRS), Sydney, New South Wales,

“The music and radio industries desperately need many more such studies,
for which *Virtual Radio Ga Ga* provides an excellent template” *(Chris
Priestman, Head of Media Arts& Design, Faculty of Arts, Media & Design,
Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, UK).*

* *
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