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19th Biennial Conference, Asian Studies Association of Australia
The University of Western Sydney (Parramatta South Campus) - 11 to 13 July, 2012

NEW Deadline for submissions of abstracts (individual paper or panel proposals):  Tuesday 13 March, 2012

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Professor Lily Kong - Vice-President (University and Global Relations), and Acting Exec Vice-President (Academic Affairs), Yale-NUS College, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Professor Jie-Hyun Lim - Professor of History, Director of the Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture, Hanyang University, Seoul
Professor Prasenjit Duara - Raffles Professor of Humanities, Director, Asia Research Institute, and Director of Research, Humanities & Social Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Call for Individual or Panel Presentations

In the past few decades massive economic, political, social and cultural transformations have taken place in the region known as Asia. In the process, it has acquired an increasingly prominent place in the world. Whether or not this 'rise of Asia' merits talk about a coming 'Asian century', it is clear that the historical context for the study of Asia has irrevocably changed.

Four major considerations are at play here.  First, increasing globalisation has led to growing interpenetration and interdependence between different parts of the world. This problematises prevailing boundaries, not least those between 'Asia' and 'the West'. Cross-border interactions and transnational connections across and beyond the region are now vital determinants of local and national conditions in all parts of Asia. As a consequence, now more than ever, such local and national situations cannot be meaningfully studied without consideration of the constitutive role of the broader regional and global context. At the same time, studies of global significance must increasingly include studies of what is occurring in Asia.

Second, economic development throughout the region has given rise to the emergence of complex and vibrant new societies for which descriptors as 'traditional' or 'postcolonial' are inadequate, and whose understanding can no longer be pursued through using Western modernity as a benchmark. These societies are becoming modern in their own ways, requiring new concepts and tools for analysis.

Third, these recent transformations have led to a burgeoning interest in studying Asia among scholars who do not call themselves 'Asianists', for example in cultural and media studies, gender and sexuality studies, and human and urban geography. Thus, while specialist area studies and the disciplinary cores of political science, history, languages and so forth remain central, intellectual engagement with Asia has widened considerably.

Fourth, and crucially, as modern Asian societies mature there are new generations of Asian scholars who conduct research and scholarship on and within their own societies, establishing their own, intraregional scholarly networks. For these scholars, Asia is not 'other', as is still often the case for Western scholars.

In short, as Asia becomes an increasingly prominent, complex and self-confident region in the world, the meanings and potentials of 'knowing Asia' require fundamental rethinking at multiple levels. The conference will encourage reflection on the implications of these shifts on the field of Asian studies, both in Australia and internationally. In this light, we are seeking panel proposals which are organised around themes. At the same time, the conference will be open to general papers as well as area-specific panels.

Possible themes (not exclusive, and in no particular order) include:

  *   'Chindia' in the 21st century: myth or reality?
  *   New Asian hegemonies?
  *   Transnational Asia: the role of English
  *   Transport, mobility and tourism
  *   Australia - Asia interactions
  *   Translating texts, translating culture
  *   Nations and their boundaries in a global age
  *   Gender, sexuality and queer studies
  *   The politics of heritage, nature and the environment
  *   Sport and society in Asia
  *   Urban cultures and social transformation
  *   Asian regionalism
  *   Race, ethnicity and multiculturalisms
  *   Technology and society
  *   Media and popular culture
  *   Asian modernities
  *   Cultural diplomacy and cultural policy
  *   Religion and secularism
  *   Asian Studies in Australian universities.

Paper and Panel Proposals
Paper and panel proposals addressing the conference themes are invited. Proposals spanning one or more themes are especially welcome.

  *   Individual paper proposals (200-300 words)
  *   Panel proposals (200 words for the panel concept and 200-300 words on each panel paper)
Please submit your full panel proposals<http://www.conferenceonline.com.au/index.cfm?page=booking&object=abstract&forceHB=1&id=250> or individual papers<http://www.conferenceonline.com.au/index.cfm?page=booking&object=abstract&forceHB=1&id=240> online.
The deadline for abstract submissions is 13 March 2012.
Notification of acceptance will be 22 March 2012.

The 19th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) will be held on the Parramatta Campus of the University of Western Sydney, Wednesday 11 to Friday 13 July, 2012, hosted by the University's Institute for Culture and Society, the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, and the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies.

Your assistance in distributing this information to other interested parties will be appreciated.

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Silvia Martinez
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University of Western Sydney
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Tel: +61 2 9685 9370 | ext: 9370 | email: s.martinez at uws.edu.au
Please submit your full panel proposals<http://www.conferenceonline.com.au/index.cfm?page=booking&object=abstract&forceHB=1&id=250> or individual papers<http://www.conferenceonline.com.au/index.cfm?page=booking&object=abstract&forceHB=1&id=240> online.

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