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Tue Jan 31 18:41:15 CST 2012

Dear colleagues

Please find below information about a call for papers for an upcoming issue
of *Studies in Australasian Cinema* themed around what is happening to film
in the new digital screen environment.

The scope of the issue is quite broad and the aim is to bring some diverse
perspectives from film, media and cultural studies to the issue. If you
would like any more information please get in touch.


*Karina Aveyard
School of Humanities, Griffith Unviersity
karina.aveyard at griffithuni.edu.au*

*Studies in Australasian Cinema
Issue 6.2: Big Screen to Small Screen: Australasian film and its new formats
*Guest Editor: Karina Aveyard*

In Australia, New Zealand/Aotearoa and the Pacific Island region the
burgeoning multiplatform screen media landscape is transforming the
technological and locational
interface of film spectatorship. It is reshaping cinematic narratives and
production techniques, and changing the way screen content is circulated to
and consumed by
audiences. It has also given rise to important shifts in film policy, with
screen agencies eager to seize on the opportunities created by this
platform diversification to engage a
wider audience for local content.

This themed issue of Studies in Australasian Cinema will explore new
theoretical perspectives on emerging trends across local filmmaking, film
policy, distribution,
marketing, exhibition and the changing cultural and social meanings of film
consumption. Topics to be considered include, but are not limited to:

• The convergence and disconnection between ‘heritage’ and ‘new’ media
within the current screen landscape

• The social and cultural geographies of media multi-tasking and format

• New trends in film development, financing and production in Australia,
New Zealand/Aotearoa and the Pacific Island nations

• Opportunities and limitations for local films within these new domestic,
globalised and transnational circulatory spaces

• How different viewing contexts shape audience responses to screen
content, influencing commercial success (or failure) and/or cultural meaning

• The changing industrial nature of the film distribution and exhibition

• Innovations in screen media film policy

‘Big Screen to Small Screen: Australasian film and its new formats’ will be
edited by Karina Aveyard. Initial enquiries should be sent to:
karina.aveyard at griffithuni.edu.au

Final submissions to this issue close on Friday April 27, 2012.
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