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This is a call for an expression of interest from academics and doctoral
students wishing to participate in a workshop on everyday racism with
Professor Philomena Essed. Please email the workshop convenor a statement
of your current research project(s) highlighting specific links with the
theme of the workshop or Essed’s work by 13 February 2012. Successful
applicants will be notified by 15 February 2012. The workshop number will
be capped at 20 participants. Attendance to the workshop is free and
includes lunch and afternoon tea.

*The Department of Sociology, Macquarie University and School of Social
Sciences, University of Western Sydney jointly presents:*

** On Invitation Only **

*Everyday Racism: a workshop with Philomena Essed*

*Macquarie University *

*Thursday, 1 March 2012*


Preference for sameness, normative expectations, and subtle exclusions can
be invisible to dominant groups but overwhelmingly present in the everyday
experiences of non-dominant groups. Everyday racism is not about extreme
incidents, it is a process of numerous day-to-day violations of the human
right of ethnic minorities to live in dignity. It is expressed in and
outside of institutions, in schools, at work, through the media, shopping,
or in the neighbourhood – there is no relief. Everyday racism adapts to the
(gendered) culture, norms and values of particular European societies as it
operates through the prevalent structures of power in society.

*Required Readings:*

Essed, Philomena, 2004.  Naming the Unnamable: Sense and Sensibilities in
Researching Racism. M. Bulmer & J. Solomos (Eds.) Researching Race and
Racism. London: Routledge. Pp 119

Essed,Philomena. 2005. Gendered Normativities in Racialized Spaces: Cloning
the Physician. John Solomos & Karim Murji (Eds.). Racialization: Studies in
Theory and Practice. Oxford: Oxford UP, pp 229-249

Essed, Philomena and Nimako, Kwame. 2006. Designs and (Co)Incidents.
Cultures of Scholarship and Public Policy on Immigrants/Minorities in the
Netherlands. International Journal of Comparative Sociology. Volume 47
(3-4). Pp 281-312.

*Philomena Essed* is professor of Critical Race, Gender and Leadership
studies, Antioch University (USA),  *PhD in Leadership and Change
Program*and affiliated researcher, Utrecht University (The
*Graduate Gender Program*. She has a PhD from the University of Amsterdam,
The Netherlands, and an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Pretoria,
South Africa. Her research and teaching transcends national, cultural and
disciplinary boundaries. Well known for introducing the concepts of *everyday
racism* and *gendered racism *in the Netherlands and internationally*, *her
work has been adopted and applied in a range of countries, including the
US, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the UK, Switzerland, and
Australia. She has lectured in many countries - from Germany to Brazil;
from South-Africa to Canada – and published numerous articles in English
and in Dutch, some of which have been translated into French, German,
Italian, Swedish and Portuguese. Her books include *Everyday Racism;
Everyday Racism*; and *Diversity: Gender, Color and Culture. * Co-edited
Volumes*: Race Critical Theories*; *Refugees and the Transformation of
Societies; *and *A Companion to Gender Studies *(‘outstanding’ 2005
academic reference, American Librarian Association). Volumes in progress
include *Clones, Fakes and the Posthuman: Cultures of Replication* and *Dutch
Racism. *

Essed has a life-long commitment to social justice. In addition to her
academic work Essed has been advisor to governmental and non-governmental
organizations, nationally and internationally.* *She is currently a deputy
member of the Dutch Equal Treatment Commission, where she participates in
hearings on all forms of structural discrimination.

As an expert witness on race, gender and racism in Europe Essed addressed
among others The *European Parliament *(Brussels, 1984);* The **United
Nations Economic and Social Council* (New York, 2001); *The House of
Representatives of the States-General *(The Hague, the Netherlands,* *2004*
);* and* *the *United States Helsinki Commission* (Capitol Hill,
Washington, 2008). In April 2011 The Queen of the Netherlands honored Philomena
Essed with a Knighthood.

 Workshop Organisers: Selvaraj Velayutham and Ellie Vasta

Email contact:

Selvaraj.velayutham at mq.edu.au
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