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The latest issue of CONTINUUM is now available.

CONTINUUM: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies
Special Issue: Navigating complexities 25<http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/ccon20?open=25#vol_25>, 6, 2011
Guest editor: Ien Ang
The feeling that the world is terribly complex has grown more pervasive in the first decade of the 21st century. How do we find ways of of navigating the complex challenges of our time? And what role can we, as cultural researchers, play in this task? This special issue contains essays on a wide range of topics, each dealing with particularly complex realities, based on research undertaken at the Centre for Cultural Research. Going beyond the usual mode of deconstructive cultural critique, the authors explore the possibility for cultural research to contribute to what Ien Ang calls ‘cultural intelligence’. In the face of paralysing complexity, the key question is: how do we develop strategies of simplification without being simplistic?
Contents include:
Ien Ang, Navigating complexity: From cultural critique to cultural intelligence
Zoë Sofoulis, Skirting complexity: The retarding quest for the average water user
David Rowe & Nathaniel Bavinton, Tender for the night: After-dark cultural complexities in the night-time economy
Greg Noble, ‘Bumping into alterity’: Transacting cultural complexities
Megan Watkins, Complexity reduction, regularities and rules: Grappling with cultural diversity in schooling
Beatriz Cardona & Brett Neilson, The logics of human growth hormone and the predicaments of old age
F. R. Cameron, Saving the ‘disappearing islands’: Climate change governance, Pacific island states and cosmopolitan dispositions
Bob Hodge & Ingrid Matthews, Complexity theory and engaged research: Critical incidents in the Sydney rail system

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