[csaa-forum] NZ Journal of Media Studies, current issue now online

Misha Kavka m.kavka at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Dec 22 13:28:49 CST 2011

New Zealand Journal of Media Studies

The new issue is now available online at the following link:


The current issue contains the following articles:

Sue Abel and Margaret Mutu
There’s Racism and Then There’s Racism: Margaret Mutu and the Immigration Debate

Mary Pettice
Narrating Culture on the Web: An Audience-Generated Exhibit Narrative

Roger Nicholson
Vincent Ward’s Taranaki War: Battle, Captivity and Romance in River Queen

Harriet Wild
Primal Curiosity, Primal Anxiety: The Child Settler in Vigil and The Piano

Brenda Allen
The Man Alone, the Black Sheep and the Bad Apple: Squeaky Wheels of New Zealand Cinema

Ian Goodwin
Power to the People? Web 2.0, Facebook, and DIY Cultural Citizenship in Aotearoa New Zealand

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