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New double issue now online:

First Release:
·      Modernism, Cinema, Adolescence: Another History for Teen Film - Catherine Driscoll

·      Understanding Virginia: Quoting the Sources in Terrence Malick's The New World - David Nicol

·      Flash Gordon and the 1930s and 1940s Science Fiction Serial - Wheeler Winston Dixon

·      Normalcy in Jazz-Mad America: Clara Bow in My Lady of Whims - Russell L. Johnson

·      Vertigo and the maelstrom of Criticism - Tim Groves

·      Missing in Action, Caught on Film: Silent Film Actor Andre de Beranger goes to war - Bryony Cosgrove

·      Musical Modernism in Brian May's Australian Film Scores - Rebecca Coyle and Michael Hannan

·      Giorgio Mangiamele's Clay and the Beginnings of Art Cinema - Gino Moliterno

·      Alternative Primary Sources for studying Australian Television History: An Annotated list of Online Pro-Am Collections - Alan McKee

·      A Portrait of Harry Potamkin - Stephanie Van Schilt

Screen Attachments
This special section is guest edited by Dr. Catherine Fowler and Dr. Paola Voci and arose from the Screen Cultures conference.

·      Screen Attachments: An Introduction - Paola Voci and Catherine Fowler

·      Cinema Lost and Found: Trajectories of Relocation - Francesco Casetti

·      DVD Screen Culture for Children: Theories of Play and Young Viewers - Karin Beeler

·      Brief Encounters: Theorizing Screen Attachments Outside the Movie Theatre - Catherine Fowler and Paola Voci

·      Fingers, Futures, Fates: Viewing Interactive Cinema in Kinoautomat and Sufferrosa - Jenna Ng

·      Waterbodies: Moving-image installations at Termemilano Spa - Adriana D'Aloia

·      A Minoritarian Digital Poetics of You Tube - Eu Jin Chua

·      Rethinking Screen Encounters: Cinema and Tamil Migrant Workers in Singapore - Vijay Devadas

Classics and Reruns:
·      The Artist as Ecologist - Gene Youngblood

·      Cerebrum: Intermedia and the Human Sensorium - Gene Youngblood

·      Intermedia Theatre - Gene Youngblood

·      What is Digital Cinema?  - Lev Manovich

Plus a selection of new reviews

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