[csaa-forum] Sacred Ground in the Academy: Joint Lecture by John Potts and Stuart Piggin

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*“Sacred Ground in the Academy: Researching Religion in a Secular

*Public Lecture at Macquarie University, Sydney*

Macquarie University’s Department of Media, Music, Communication and
Cultural Studies are pleased to announce* “Sacred Ground in the Academy:
Researching Religion in a Secular Institution”*, a joint public lecture
featuring Associate Professors John Potts and Stuart Piggin on
November 10that Macquarie University, North Ryde, Sydney.

Associate Professors *John Potts *and *Stuart Piggin* will discuss the
tensions and contradictions of conducting research on religion in a deeply
secularised academy and the challenges sacred and religious viewpoints pose
to secular scholarship.

John Potts is Associate Professor in Media at Macquarie University. He has
published five books, including *A History of Charisma*. His lecture
entitled, “Heavens Below: The Religious Impulse in a Secular Age”, explores
the religious underpinnings of various forms of secular cultural and
political expression. This discussion of the secularisation of religious
thought and practice includes reference to oppositional politics,
environmentalism, cultural studies and arts.

Stuart Piggin is the Director of the History of Christian Thought and
Experience in the Ancient History Department, Macquarie University. His
books include two published by Oxford University Press on disaster and
Australian Christianity, which are not two accounts of the one phenomenon.
Associate Professor Piggin will be speaking to a lecture entitled,
“Adventures in Desecularisation: Researching Religious Experience in
Ancient, Feminist and Australian History”. Secularism typically privileges a
reductionist approach to religion, thereby reducing the role of religion in
social history. This lecture explores what happens when the historian seeks
to look at history from the perspective of those who made it and takes
seriously the significance of religion in shaping historical and social

The public lecture is free and open to the public.


*Time: *4.00-6.00pm

*Venue: *Y3A.T1, Macquarie University (near the corner of Epping and
Balaclava Roads)

*For further information please contact Dr. Holly Randell-Moon at: **
holly.randell-moon at mq.edu.au* <holly.randell-moon at mq.edu.au>* *


Dr. Holly Randell-Moon
Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Arts
Macquarie University, NSW 2109
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