[csaa-forum] UQ CCCS seminar: Free Speech in Australia on Tuesday 1st November @ 3pm: Assoc Prof Katharine Gelber

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Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies

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[cid:image001.jpg at 01CC8D82.52F3DC40]Speech Matters; Free Speech in Australia

In Speech Matters, A/P Gelber shows why many of Australia's laws and policies, supported by the wider public, are actually harmful to democratic participation in politics. A/P Gelber investigates a wide range of political expression to see how we value free speech: from different uses of the national flag, hate speech and anti-terrorism laws, to protest campaigns against corporate actions and art. A/P Gelber considers the laws and policies that regulate behaviour alongside the views of everyday Australians about these issues. What she finds is a political culture that is failing free speech. In Australia, powerful companies can silence dissent, and even peaceful protest can be difficult to carry out. Speech Matters tackles these controversial issues head-on, providing compelling reasons for why we should protect the types of speech that give everyone a voice in deciding how our country is run.

Speech Matters is the title of Associate Professor Gelber's most recently published book reporting on the results of a large-scale research project into the place of freedom of speech within Australian political culture. The book argues that despite Australians' professed support for freedom of speech generally, this support fractures when specific and difficult examples of speech are considered.
About the Presenter:

Kath Gelber is an Associate Professor in Public Policy at University of Queensland.  Her research interests are in human rights policy, with a particular emphasis on freedom of speech and the regulation of hate speech. Kath is the recipient of several ARC grants, including the current ARC DP 'The Impact of Hate Speech Laws on Public Discourse in Australia' (2010-2012) with co-CI Professor Luke McNamara (University of Wollongong), as a co-CI on the ARC Linkage 'Democratic Dialogue and Capabilities: New Opportunities in Post-Reconciliation Era Australia' with Prof Pat Dodson and A/Prof Sarah Maddison (UNSW), and the now-completed ARC DP 'Securing Freedom: Freedom of Political Speech in Australia'.

This seminar will be chaired by Professor Gay Hawkins.
Members of the university community and the general public are invited to attend this free seminar with refreshments to follow.  For further information please visit the website http://www.cccs.uq.edu.au/index.html?page=152146&pid=16094
Tuesday 1st November   3.00-4.00pm
Assoc Prof Katharine Gelber

CCCS Seminar Room, Forgan Smith Tower, Level 4  (Bldg 1) [See Map<http://www.uq.edu.au/maps/index.html?menu=1&x=h.78&y=6.5&z=2&xc%5b%5d=h.78&yc%5b%5d=6.5&id=27&facilityType=&backURL=>] St Lucia Campus

Further information please contact: Rebecca Ralph ph. 3346 7407 or on email: admin.cccs at uq.edu.au<mailto:admin.cccs at uq.edu.au>


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