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Dear colleagues

I thought some on the list may be interested in this.

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Subject: Consultation on the National Cultural Policy for the digital sector [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

You might be interested in this opportunity for consultation on the National Cultural Policy for the digital sector being organised by Senator Lundy’s office. Feel free to forward it to anyone you think might be interested. Apologies if you have seen it already.

Stephen Cassidy
Director–National Cultural Policy Taskforce
Strategic and Whole of Government Policy Branch
Office for the Arts
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The Digital Culture Public Sphere – have your say!

On the 11th August 2011 Minister Crean released a discussion paper seeking public input on a National Cultural Policy. This consultation will help determine a 10 year strategic vision to ensure our arts, cultural and creative endeavours resonate with a 21st century, globally competitive, internationally celebrated and culturally diverse Australia.

The Office of Senator Kate Lundy in collaboration with the Office of Minister Simon Crean is running the Digital Culture Public Sphere consultation to look specifically at the digital arts and industries as well as opportunities for cultural institutions around digitisation, public engagement and collaboration. This consultation will result in a collaborative submission that will be presented directly to the Minister as part of the broader National Cultural Policy consultation.

Ideas and submissions are being sought from across the diverse Australian digital culture sector, including games development, film & animation, media & music, digital arts and cultural institutions including galleries, libraries, archives and museums.

What is a vision for your sector, or for digital culture in Australia as a whole? How can you measure success of that vision? What are some ideas to get there? How can government policy support and strengthen the creation of, skills development for, exports and a compelling internationally recognised narrative for the Australian digital culture sector? What would a 10 year plan look like for a sustainable, innovative, successful and internationally renowned digital sector?

Contributions can be made online, in person or by more traditional means, and all ideas will be consolidated into a collaborative submission paper which we are drafting openly on a wiki:

·        Wiki: Edit the draft submission directly by going to the Digital Culture Public Sphere wiki.

·        Blog: Post comments, links to papers, case studies and ideas to the blog.

·        Twitter: Tweet with #publicsphere so we can find your ideas, collate and include them as part of the contributions.

·        Facebook: Post your ideas on the Facebook page.

·        Email or snail mail: Email or send us a letter, but please note all topic correspondence will be published on the topic blog for public transparency and peer review.

·        Run a roundtable: Run your own discussion or roundtable event and post the outcomes on the blog.

·        Live Event: Join us for our Live Event (Sydney), which will be video streamed online so you can participate remotely. Please register to reserve a spot because spaces are limited to the venue capacity.

·        Video: Submit a (maximum) 10 minute talk by video submission by adding a link to the comments on the blog.

·        Endorse: Endorse the ideas that you think are most important, ideas will be put into an endorsement system from the 6th October till the 20th October and will be linked here.

We look forward to seeing your contributions, and having the diverse voices of Australian digital culture well represented to the National Culture Policy consultation.

If you have any questions about the Digital Culture Public Sphere, please contact the coordinator Pia Waugh on 0400966453 or pia.waugh at aph.gov.au


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