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Policy Notes: Popular Music, Industry and the State

18-20 June 2012

Hotel Windsor
111 Spring Street, Melbourne, Australia

Conference Organisers
Associate Professor Shane Homan (Monash University)
Professor Martin Cloonan (University of Glasgow)
Dr Jennifer Cattermole (Otago University)

Keynote Speaker
Professor John Street, University of East Anglia

Confirmed Speakers
Professor Bruce Johnson, Macquarie University/University of Turku
Associate Professor Roy Shuker, Victoria University, Wellington
Professor Chris Gibson, University of Wollongong
Professor Marcus Breen, Bond University
Patrick Donovan, Music Victoria

To mark the completion of the Australian Research Council project Policy Notes: Local Popular Music in Global Creative Economies, the Research Unit in Media Studies at Monash University is convening a conference examining popular music policy.

Popular music provides many social and cultural sources of pleasure through its live performance, recording, publishing, music instruments, education and training industries. It continues to drive related audiovisual industries (television, film, advertising, radio, mobile phones) and a range of ‘secondary’ sectors (rehearsal studios, music press, merchandising, audio hardware). The music industries lead processes of convergence of content, technologies, industries and audiences that have implications for national media policies and accompanying discourses of cultural nationalism and citizenship. The nation-state remains crucial in determining the construction of meaning in popular music. This conference considers the historical and contemporary relationships between the state and popular music, with an emphasis upon both the formation and effects of popular music policy. While much has been written about the expanding flow of music products and music creativity in emphasising the global nature of popular music, little attention has been paid to the flow of ideas about policy formation and debates between regions and nations. We welcome contributions that assist in understanding city, national and international policy agendas and their implications for both producers and consumers. Contributions are invited from people with all forms of involvement in music activity, including academics, policy-makers, industry workers, musicians, fans and music journalists.

We welcome papers on all aspects of popular music policy, including:

•    Popular music and creative/cultural industry strategies
•    Urban culture and planning, regional development
•    Artistic versus economic objectives
•    National identity
•    Education, health and citizenship
•    Intellectual property
•    Funding practices and discourses
•    Infrastructure and institutions
•    Media content and regulation
•    Trade and tourism
•    Policy research methodology
•    Censorship
•    Cultural labour and cultural policy

The organisers welcome individual papers or themed panel proposals.

Abstract Submission
Abstracts of up to 350 words in 12 point font can be emailed to Associate Professor Shane Homan  (<mailto:Shane.Homan at monash.edu>Shane.Homan at monash.edu) as a Word document. Please use your surname as the title of your Word document. The abstract must include:

Name of presenter(s)
Title of paper
Contact phone numbers and email address
Abstract (350 words or less)

Abstracts must be submitted by 1 December 2011.

Associate Professor Shane Homan
Co-Director, Research Unit in Media Studies
School of English, Communications and Performance Studies
Monash University
Ph: 03 99032309

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