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Kris Rutten Kris.Rutten at UGent.be
Wed May 4 16:36:18 CST 2011

Association for Cultural Studies 1st International Summer Institute
Theme: Critical Literacies
11 - 15 July, Ghent University, Belgium

DEADLINE: Early bird registration - 31 May 2011
We strongly advise participants to register  and secure accommodation as early as possible.

Web address: http://www.acssi2011.ugent.be        

The ACS 1st International Summer Institute will provide an intensive, extensive and rewarding pedagogical experience for postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers who will have the opportunity to spend the week discussing and learning from keynote presentations, lectures, workshops and seminars delivered by 5 keynote speakers and a faculty staff of leading cultural studies scholars from around the world. The overall participatory and informal character of the Summer Institute will give voice to the participants by offering a forum to address issues related to their own work specifically as well as issues of general interest. In addition, social activities from receptions and meals to informal gatherings will provide opportunity for participants, lecturers and organizers to intermingle and stimulate further conversation. 

- Joke Hermes (UC Inholland/University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
- Carol Stabile (University of Oregon, United States)
- Ted Striphas (Indiana University, United States)
- Keyan Tomaselli (University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa)
- John Willinsky (Stanford University, United States)

International Staff: 
- Abdulhamied Alromaithy (Culture Arabia, United Arab Emirates)
- Ursula Ganz-Blaettler (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland) 
- Jan Hein Hoogstad (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
- Bart Keunen (Ghent University, Belgium)
- Mikko Lehtonen (University of Tampere, Finland)
- Griet Roets (Ghent University, Belgium)
- Gilbert Rodman (University of Minnesota, United States)
- Femke Snelting & Peter Westenberg (Constant, Belgium)
- An van. Dienderen (Royal Academy of Art, Ghent, Belgium)
- Thomas Vaessens & Gaston Franssen (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
- Handel Kashope Wright (University of British Columbia, Canada)

The Association for Cultural Studies is the premiere international association of cultural studies and hosts the biennial Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference.

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