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Subject: New Book Announcement: "Queering Paradigms II: Interrogating
Agendas" (to be published in June 2011)

PETER LANG - International Academic Publishers

are pleased to announce a new book by

Burkhard Scherer / Matthew Ball (eds)

Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2011.
Approx. 313 pp.
ISBN 978-3-0343-0295-1 pb.
approx. sFr. 62.– / €* 42.80 / €** 44.– / € 40.– / £ 36.– / US-$ 61.95
(To be published in June 2011)
This book offers a fundamental challenge to a variety of theoretical,
social, and political paradigms, ranging from law and justice studies to
popular culture, linguistics to political activism.
Developing the intellectual project initiated in Queering Paradigms, this
volume extends queer theorizing in challenging new directions and uses queer
insights to explore, trouble, and interrogate the social, political, and
intellectual agendas that pervade (and are often taken for granted within)
public discourses and academic disciplines. The contributing authors include
queer theorists, socio-linguists, sociologists, political activists,
educators, social workers and criminologists. Together, they not only
contribute to the ongoing process of theorizing queerly, but also to the
critique and reformulation of their respective disciplines.
Contents: Matthew Ball/Burkhard Scherer: Introduction: Queering Paradigms,
Interrogating Agendas – Anita Brady: «How Could it Hurt You When it Looks so
Good?» Commodity Culture and Queer Authenticity – Jessica Rodgers: Queers
Doing Theory: Australian Queer Student Activist Print Media’s
Representations of Capitalism – Pip Muratore: Sexuality and Voyeurism from
le Moulin-Rouge to Moulin Rouge! – Liz Morrish/Helen Sauntson: Gender,
Desire and Identity in a Corpus of Lesbian Erotica – Andrew McLean: «I Don’t
Hate ‘Real’ Women:» Gay Men and «Trans-misogyny» – Eleonora Garosi: Gender,
and (Hetero)Sexuality: A Critical Lesson from the Trans Experience in Italy
– Hongwei Bao: People’s Park: The Politics of Naming and the Right to the
City – Kathleen O’Mara: Tacit Understandings: Claiming Non-Normative Sexual
Citizenship in Ghana – Sue/Sujay Kentlyn: Fight or Flight: (Gender) Queering
(Sexuality) Queer Spaces – Sonja Vivienne: Shouting from the Rooftops: Queer
Digital Storytelling for Social Impact – Shé Hawke/Baden Offord: Queer(y)ing
Pedagogy and Cultural Studies: Critical Reflections on Teaching Sexuality –
Maria Katharina Wiedlack: «LOL - Lick it Out Loud:» Punk Rock as a Form of
Queer Activism – Francesco Ricatti: Obscene Fantasies of Hypertrophic
Heterosexuality: Reframing Berlusconi from a Queer Theory Perspective –
Damien W. Riggs: «What About the Children!» Homophobia, Accusations of
Pedophilia, and the Construction of Childhood – Jenny Kaighin: Different
Ways of «Doing Family» in Australia: Queerying the Impact of Same-Sex Law
Reform – Sharon Hayes/Angela Dwyer: Queer Cops in Queensland: Exploring
LGBTIQ Narrative Histories in the Queensland Police Service – Bethany
Coston: Issues in Intimate Violence: Heterosexism and Exclusion – Matthew
Ball: Gay Men, Intimate Partner Violence, and Help-Seeking: The
Incomprehensibility of Being a Victim.

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