[csaa-forum] UNSW EMPA Seminar: Tues March 22: Gabriela Zabala

Christopher Danta c.danta at unsw.edu.au
Fri Mar 18 08:25:27 CST 2011

School of English, Media and Performing Arts, UNSW
Seminar Series 2011

Gabriela Zabala, UNSW

Radical Representation in New Theatre: the Labouring of Australian Culture

Tues 22 March 
Robert Webster Building 327 from 4.00pm to 5.30pm
This discussion will focus on New Theatre and its political origins in the
Communist Party of Australia and examine some of the radical themes and
styles in playwriting of New Theatre writers since its inception in 1932.

Gabriela Zabala is a postgraduate student at UNSW whose PhD thesis analyses
the influence of Stalinism on the development of Australian literature with
a focus on the relationship between the Communist Party of Australia and New
Theatre. Other interests are 20th century Australian literature and drama,
Modernism, Surrealism, Absurdist theatre, French literature in translation
and Russian literature in translation.


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