[csaa-forum] Thinking Poetry - A Masterclass for PhD students Writing Poetry [Call for Participants]

Paul Magee paul.magee at canberra.edu.au
Mon Mar 7 11:51:20 CST 2011

Thinking Poetry
> An opportunity for PhD candidates writing poetry to engage with a national
> research project (ŒThe Creative Manoeuvre¹) and participate in a
> master-class workshop.
Do we think in some particular way as we compose poetry? Or is it that we
make ourselves the conduits of a thinking that is there in the world around
us, along with its rhythms? Where is the thinking in poetry, and how does
this relate to the desire to import drama, characterisation, voice, music?
Thinking Poetry is a node of ŒThe Creative Manoeuvre¹, a research project
led by Professor Kevin Brophy (University of Melbourne), Professor Jen Webb
(University of Canberra) and Associate Professor Paul Magee (University of
Canberra). The project, to be conducted over 2011-2015, seeks not so much
answers as rather illuminations of the above questions.
Thinking Poetry will take the form of a full-day master-class on Friday, the
3rd of June 2011, to be held at the University of Melbourne. There will be a
bursary to cover flights for interstate participants.
Participants will be invited to submit 2-3 pages of poetry, along with a
brief (1/2 page) reflection on the creative decisions made during
composition. All participants will read the work of others attendees, and
these poems will be workshopped in the course of the day, in sessions lead
by Professor Jen Webb, Professor Kevin Brophy and Associate Professor Paul
Magee. Participants will be asked to respond to a questionnaire on the above
themes prior to the day, and then to revisit those responses during the day
and in its light. The master-class will culminate in an address and reading
on the topic of Thinking Poetry by Emeritus Professor Chris Wallace Crabbe,
author of 21 books of poetry, 6 books of literary criticism, and recipient
of numerous prestigious literary awards.
To apply to take part in this event, please send 1 page of poetry and a
brief expression of interest indicating the nature of your doctoral research
(NB poets in disciplines outside of the creative arts are warmly encouraged
to apply) to Anika.Quayle at canberra.edu.au by March 31st 2011.

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