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Disability and New Media

Katie Ellis, Murdoch University & Mike Kent, Curtin University

Routledge, 978‐0‐415‐87135‐8

Disability and New Media explores the contemporary new media environment and
its impact on people with disabilities. Bringing together the fields of
Internet Studies and Critical Disability Studies the book explores how the
early promise of the world wide web of access for all people regardless of
disability has been hijacked my more recent developments in an increasingly
complex web 2.0 environment. Along with these setbacks the book also
explores a number of successes in obtaining access for people with
disabilities to previously unavailable digital platforms, and how these
outcomes were achieved.

While many studies into disability and digital technology have focused on
the early Internet and world wide web, this

book takes in the scope of the more recent developments in the online
environment exploring online platforms such

as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Second Life, and their sometimes strained
relationship with accessibility and universal design. Decisions made that
impact on the accessibility of digital platforms are often portrayed as
being merely technical in nature. This book exposes these as decisions as
being highly political, with great impacts on the ability of people with
disabilities to fully participate in the societies in which they live.


Part 1 At the Crossroads

1: Universal Design In A Digital World

2: iAccessibility from iTunes 1.0 to iPad

3: Building Digital Stairways: Nice View, But What About My Wheelchair?

Part 2 How Did We Get Here?

4: We Want You in Our Network: Universal Design V Retrofitting The Web

5: (Physical) Disability Is A Form Of Social Oppression?

6: Does That Face-’Book’ Come In Braille? Social Networking Sites And

Part 3 Where To Next?

7: Avatars With Wheelchairs, But No Virtual Guide Dogs: Disability And
Second Life

8: Challenges And Opportunities: The Road Ahead For Disability In A Digital

9: Conclusion

Routledge is offering a 20% discount off the price and free shipping of
Disability and New Media. To order copies please see attached flyer

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