[csaa-forum] CSAA AGM - Agenda

Amanda Third a.third at uws.edu.au
Mon Dec 6 09:36:05 CST 2010

Dear colleagues

Please find below the agenda for the CSAA 2010 AGM.

If you wish to nominate for any of the positions that are available, please
let me know as a matter of priority.

Best wishes

President, CSAA

Cultural Studies Association of Australasia
Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, 7th December, 2010
6.30pm ­ 8pm
Byron Bay Community Centre

1.   Welcome

2.   President¹s Report (5 minutes)

3.   Secretary¹s Report (5 minutes)

4.   Treasurer¹s Report (5 minutes)

5.   Future Directions

        a.    Web presence (20 mins)

        b.    Postgraduate (20 mins)

        c.    International (10 mins)

6.   2011 CSAA Conference

7.    Election of new CSAA Executive representatives

       Positions Vacant (20 mins)

        a.    Web Manager

        b.    South Australian rep

        c.    Tasmanian rep

        d.    Queensland rep (temporary position ­ nomination from Dr Susan
Leong, QUT)

8.   Any Other Business

9.   Close

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