[csaa-forum] Centre for Indian Diaspora and Cultural Studies Conference, Patan, India Jan. 2-4 2011

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GUJARATI DIASPORA" organized by the Centre for Indian Diaspora and Cultural
Studies, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan, India will be
held on January 2-4, 2011. The venue is a 5 Star Resort on the
Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway, ~60kms from Ahmedabad Airport towards Mehsana.

The conference is intended to be highly interdisciplinary, and seeks to
cover the disciplines such as "Science & Technology, Informational
Technology, Engineering, Industry, management, Tourism, Hospitality,
Literature, Arts, Culture, Social Sciences, Media and Social Networking."
The organisers would hope for a culturally informed tilt towards issues
connected with the indian diaspora, and the Gujarati diaspora in particular,
within any of those topics ‹ but flexibility is the order of the day.

Gujarat is a vegetarian state, which provides for added interest and a
wonderfully north-Indian experience.A wonderful time will be had by anyone
who goes. 

"As a sequel to two previous successful conferences, the UGC Area Study
Centre for Indian Diaspora and Cultural Studies, Hemchandracharya North
Gujarat University, proposes its third international conference on
³Celebrating 50 Years of Swarnim Gujarat: The Role of Gujarati Diaspora,²
January 2-42011, in coordination with the NRG Foundation/NRI Division,
Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. The conference, the third in the series,
seeks to continue deliberations initiated by the first event in January
2008. It seeks strategies to tap diasporic human resources and financial
capital for the development of the State, and to encourage the State¹s joint
ventures with the diasporic professionals in growing sectors of economy such
as education and information technology.

The major objectives of the proposed Conference are:

€ To provide, for world-wide Gujarati Diaspora and for those in other
countries whose research includes diasporic issues, a globally recognized
platform for dialogue and discussion.
€ To invite prominent NRGs and other researchers with an interest in
Gujarat,  and India in general, for an exchange of views with the state
Government, and to encourage networking on matters of common interest.
€ To help bring the Gujarati Diaspora closer to its motherland, and
strengthen the inherent bond between Gujarat, its globally spread NRGs, and
interested researchers.
€ To plan an inclusive strategy to enhance the reciprocal engagement between
Gujarat and its diaspora
To promote intellectual contributions from the Gujarati Diaspora, and from
diasporic researchers in other countries, to enrich and modernise the
research institutes of the State with their experience and expertise."

anyone interested should contact Greg Battye at University of Canberra in
the first instance:

Greg.Battye at canberra.edu.au

It may be possible to arrange some assistance, provided by the Gujarat State
Government, with travel.

Professor Greg Battye
Deputy Dean
Faculty of Arts and Design
University of Canberra
ACT 2601

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Australian Government Higher Education (CRICOS)
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