[csaa-forum] Figuring the Child: Update and Schedule

Jessica Cadwallader jess.cadwallader at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 14:40:28 CST 2010

Hi everyone,

Due to numerous requests, I have decided to make available the  
schedule of events for the Figuring the Child symposium, in addition  
to the abstracts. Please find the updated pdf attached! All welcome,  
and of course, please forward to any interested parties.


Figuring the Child:

Sex, Sexism, Sexuality and Sexualisation

A Forum hosted by the Somatechnics Research Centre,

Macquarie University

18th November 2010

9 am - 5.30 pm


Sydney Mechanics School of Arts

280 Pitt St, Sydney

Googlemaps: http://bit.ly/bgAfBP

The figure of the child remains a vexed and specifically invested  
site in contemporary culture, politics, law, education and other  
institutions, especially in relation to ideas of sex, gender and  
sexuality. Recently in Australia, discussions about indigenous  
communities, about the internet filter, about eating habits, about  
appropriate media consumption, about exercise, about ‘proper’  
boys’ and girls’ behaviours, and about ‘art’ have focussed on  
children and childhood, often without critical consideration, because  
the imag(in)ing of the child is so intensely and emotionally  
invested. ‘The child’ has thus become a regular point of reference  
for both sides of politics, often deployed to conservative ends. This  
forum brings together speakers from a range of different backgrounds,  
to discuss the role that specific knowledges about the figure of the  
child, particularly about ‘proper’ and ‘improper’ forms of  
gender and sexuality in childhood and adolescence, have played in  
contemporary developments in law, policy, education and concepts of  

Our participants, whose presentation abstracts can be found below,  
are: Dr Barbara Baird, Dr Stephen Angelides, Dr Dinesh Wadiwel and  
Dr. Dierdre Tedmanson, Ms. Rachael Wallbank, Mr. Sean Swift, Dr. Anna  
Hickey-Moody and Ms Sophie Martin.

Attendance at this event is free. Lunch will be provided. However,  
due to space limitations, we do require RSVPs. Please RSVP to our  
Administrator Vanessa Fredericks via email  
SomatechnicsAdmin at gmail.com by the 15th November 2010. For more  
information, please contact the organiser, Dr. Jessica Cadwallader  
via email: jess.cadwallader at gmail.com

The Sydney Mechanics School of Arts is an accessible building with  
universal access facilities. Please let us know in advance if there  
are specific accessibility requirements, and we will do our best to  
fulfil them.

There have been numerous requests for a schedule of events. Please  
find the abstracts within the schedule in the attached pdf.
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