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Hi Leila, The Australian Journal was published monthly by A.H. Massina and Co Pty Ltd in Melbourne. It began in 1865 and I believe it continued until the end of  World War Two. It contained short stories, both from Australian writers and from overseas. I have editions from the 1930s and '40s with stories with such titles as "In For a Penny" by Sophie Kerr; "Sunday Siege" By Lyn Arnold. Many seem to have been written  by women, although Captain Ingram Morgan wrote the serial "The Man in the Taxi"; "Sandy Gallop Days - The Passing of Carl Loasy" by E. T. Ford.  There was  an agony aunt column, "Strictly Personal" by Erica Walton. Low brow literature for the masses. The advertisements give a clue to the readership - advertisements for corsets to increase the bust size, rupture sufferers relief etc. Oh, and  recipes and a sewing column, and a man's handyman column, in many ways it seems to be the twentieth century version of the Sunday At Home - without the religious overtones! Indeed much racier, but still falling within the acceptable standards of family reading.
Hope this helps. 
My best - Nicola Goc
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A 75 year old friend of a friend is starting to relive his misspent youth
and has asked how he could find out the details of a wartime magazine serial
that he recalls reading in Tasmania pre-1945.

He thinks the magazine was called Australian Journal but his local library
has never heard of it.

Notwthstanding the 'Australian' angle, the serial was set in a farming
community in Canada. I've done a Google search with no luck :)

Does this ring bells with anyone, please?



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