[csaa-forum] Crossroads update: no late registrations

Melissa Gregg mgregg at usyd.edu.au
Tue May 4 09:25:40 CST 2010

Dear colleagues, 

A heads up for those planning to attend Crossroads in June. As of today we
are looking at 650 registrations. This will be the biggest Crossroads
ever. It is really getting exciting now, but due to such numbers the
organizers are about to announce that they will not be accepting late
registrations after the deadline of May 15. The new registration system this
year allows us to predict numbers, and right now they are huge.

So, to ensure that you are scheduled in the program, and to help smooth the
workload involved in transactions over the next week, please do register
immediately at this site: http://cultstud.org/personform.html

If you encounter a problem with your credit card, please don't give up; the
Finnish server is a tricky beast. A different credit card will usually solve
the problem. Obviously not everyone will have that luxury though so contact
ACS (please not me!) at this address:

info at cultstud.org 

Our treasury assistant Paula will provide you with an alternative method for
your credit card payment if you are having trouble.

Postgrads, it's important to know that with these numbers, you simply
won't have a place on the schedule unless you register now, as the
organizers won't be able to keep abreast of individual delegates'
issues. So get cracking :-)

Dr Melissa Gregg

Department of Gender and Cultural Studies
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry
Quadrangle Building A14
University of Sydney NSW 2006

p 02 9351 3657 | m 0408 599 359 | e mel.gregg at usyd.edu.au



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