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Symposium: Anthropology and the Ends of Worlds (25/26 March 2010)

Sydney University

You can register and find further information at the website:  http://anthroendsofworlds.wordpress.com/

The keynote lecture, by Prof. Michael Taussig (Columbia University) is titled: 
“History is a Nightmare from Which I Am Trying to Awake:” How Will the Human Body Reconnect with the Body of the World? 

Fredric Jameson says it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism, and I want to ask why that might be? Is it because the end was always already built into the subliminal mythologies by which we live and is in fact desired—as an apocalyptic rush preceding world renewal? (Note Benjamin’s Angel of History.) Might there not be, however, quite other mythic and poetic resources that we can call upon, involving new “techniques of the body” and re-constellations of the “bodily unconscious” that the crisis brings forth?

The Symposium is hosted by the Department of Anthropology,  School of Social and Political Sciences, at the University of Sydney,.
Convenors: Prof Linda Connor, Dr Sebastian Job

A list of paper abstracts can be downloaded from the website as pdf file: http://anthroendsofworlds.wordpress.com/home/presenters-and-abstracts/

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