[csaa-forum] Assembling Culture, a new double issue of the Journal of Cultural Economy

Chris Healy clhealy at unimelb.edu.au
Fri Dec 4 08:13:42 CST 2009

Dear colleague
We are writing to let you know that the latest issue of the Journal of
Cultural Economy has recently been published.  This is a special double
issues focused on the theme of Assembling Culture with papers by Evelyn
Ruppert, Tim Rowse, Liz Mcfall, Celia Lury, Kay Anderson and Colin Perrin,
Tony Bennett, Sharon MacDonald, Helen Rees-Leahy, Gerard Goggin, Helen
Verran, Gay Hawkins and Andrew Pickering.  There is also a review symposium
on Foucault¹s The Birth of Biopolitics with contributions from John Clarke,
Barry Hindess and Stephen Legg.
You will find a full list of contents in the attachment to this email.
These, and the rationale for the theme of Œassembling culture¹, are
discussed in greater detail in editorial essay written by Tony Bennett and
Chris Healy, the editors of this special issue of the Journal of Cultural
Economy. Routledge has made this available for free downloading at the JCE

So please visit this and, while you¹re there, take a look at some of the
previous issues of the Journal and, if you like what you see, become a
subscriber or get your library to take out an institutional subscriber
And if you¹d like to receive regular updates about forthcoming issues,
please let us know by writing to us at Cultural-Economy at open.ac.uk
With best wishes
The Editors
(Tony Bennett, Liz McFall, and Mike Pryke)
Chris Healy
School of Culture and Communication
The University of Melbourne


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