[csaa-forum] ReImag(in)ing SomaSex Exhibition

Samantha Murray smurray78 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 07:59:24 CST 2009

The (Re)Figuring Sex: Somatechnical (Re)Visions conference, organised by the
Somatechnics Research Centre at Macquarie University, will be preceded by
the opening of the ReImag(in)ing SomaSex Exhibition, Macquarie University
Gallery, Thursday 19th November, 7pm. We would like to invite all interested
parties to attend.

The exhibition includes works by:
Sara Davidmann (UK), ³In/Visible Genders²
Jack Butler (Canada), ³Embryogenesis²
Dennis Del Favero (Australia) works from ³Fold² and ³Chimera²
Jacqueline Fraser (Australia), ³Magique²
Tom Isaacs (Australia), ³Circumcision²
Susan O¹Doherty (Australia), ³Domestic Lives²

As part of the opening, we will also be launching the new book edited by
Professor Nikki Sullivan (the Centre Director) and Dr. Samantha Murray (the
Centre's postdoctoral fellow), entitled 'Somatechnics: Queering the
Technologisation of Bodies". We hope you can attend; if you think you might,
could you please RSVP ASAP to somatechnicsadmin at gmail.com by the 13th

Please also see the attached invitation

Dr Samantha Murray
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Somatechnics Research Centre
Department of Media, Music & Cultural Studies
Faculty of Arts
Macquarie University
Email:  smurray78 at gmail.com
        samantha.murray at mq.edu.au

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