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> Subject: IOSARN Seminar Series: Sumant Badami, 14th August, 5.30 pm
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> [Apologies for cross posting]
> The Indian Ocean and South Asia Research Network invites you to its  
> fourth seminar in 2009:
> Sumant Badami, Macquarie University (Anthropology)
> “The Agency of Death: Health and Spirituality for the Paniya of  
> Wayanad, a Marginalised Tribal Community in Southern India”
> DATE: Friday, 14th August
> TIME: 5.30 pm
> VENUE: TfC Bagel, UTS, Building 3 (Bon Marche), Level 4, Room 4.02
> Please RSVP: Cornelia.Betzler at uts.edu.au
> Sumant Badami is currently doing his PhD in Anthropology at  
> Macquarie University. Please click here for further biographical  
> information.
> Abstract
> Sumant Badami's research explores how public policy and primary  
> health practice influences the mental, physical and cultural well- 
> being of the Paniyas of Wayanad, a marginalised tribal group in  
> Southern India who were slaves until the 1940’s. He assesses the  
> impact of biomedical practices on their traditional healing rituals  
> and, through ethnographic material, he shows how cultural practices  
> embedded in their funeral rites help them to gain a sense of agency  
> and empowerment.
> In Wayanad, health programs and economic development initiatives are  
> often used as a means through which religious organisations and  
> political parties can endear themselves to communities and gain  
> local legitimacy. Once a foothold has been established, healthcare  
> becomes a conduit through which ideology is transferred and bio- 
> political subjects are made. In addition to this, the failure of the  
> state to implement health and development programs that adequately  
> meet the needs of marginalised groups in the region have resulted in  
> further economic and social exclusion. With the use of biomedicine  
> on the increase, and the normative pressures of ‘modernity’ bearing  
> down on local healing rituals and religious practices, Sumant  
> attempts to understand the symbolic nature of health care and to see  
> how individuals negotiate the point of intersection between the  
> drive for self-determination and the implementation of both  
> institutionalised development and biomedicical practice.
> Upcoming UTS:IOSARN Friday Seminars:
> - 11th September: Adrian McNeil, Media, Music & Cultural Studies,  
> Macquarie University, “Hindustani musicians in Kolkata negotiate  
> Globalisation: innovative, intercultural and in your face”
> - 25th September: Reena Dobson, CCR, UWS, “Towards Mauritianité:  
> Negotiating the Ethnic and the National in Mauritius”
> See you there!
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