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   Good Afternoon Everybody,
         Some of you will know the music of the Triffids, the group from Perth that was a major contributor to the Australian alternative rock scene of the 1980s.  Some of you will know that the lead singer of the Triffids, and the group's primary composer and lyricist, was Dave McComb.  Others of you will only know the hits, 'Wide Open Road' and 'Bury Me Deep In Love'.  There may also be people on this List who have never heard of the Triffids.  For all of you, may I recommend a new book edited by Chris Coughran and Niall Lucy.  It is titled Vagabond Holes: David McComb and the Triffids.  It will be available shortly from Fremantle Press and will cost $35.  The web address is: http://www.fremantlepress.com.au/books/biography/1104 <https://email.curtin.edu.au/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.fremantlepress.com.au/books/biography/1104>  .
     Niall Lucy has also edited a collection of Dave McComb's poetry.  It is titled Beautiful Waste.  This, too, is available from Fremantle Press and costs $24.95.  The web address for this book is:  http://www.fremantlepress.com.au/books/poetry/1106 <https://email.curtin.edu.au/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.fremantlepress.com.au/books/poetry/1106>  . 
    May I suggest that you might want, at least, to ask your university library to order a copy.  Vagabond Holes is not only for fans.  It is an attampt to engage critically with McComb's legacy as an artist.  Niall Lucy is an Associate Professor and Research Fellow in the Faculty of Humanities at Curtin University of Technology.  The collection includes chapters by academics such as Claire Colebrook and David Nichols as well as by McComb's peers such as Steve Kilby and Nick Cave.  It is long past time that Australia took its popular culture practitioners seriously.  These books make the case for Dave McComb, and the Triffids, as major Australian cultural figures.
thank you for your time,
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